A list of meal ideas for those who don’t like to cook

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Here’s a list of easy dinner meal ideas for those who don’t like to cook. From pies to pasta, these are the easiest meals reluctant cooks can serve the family.

My husband gave me an extra special gift one Mothers’ Day and I have to tell you I loved it! Usually I sit down on the weekend and work out our weekly or fortnightly meal plan and grocery list. I do it not because I am the female of the house, but because I am the control freak of the family. I want to make sure it’s a balanced meal plan, getting in enough vegetables and good meats. But sometimes it does get monotonous and I do get tired of thinking what to cook and being creative.

When I went to start my meal planning, my hubby grabbed the pen, meal plan and shopping list off me and said, “allow me, my gift to you”.  I LOVED IT! I didn’t have to think about what to cook for dinner nor do the grocery shop. Bonus!

I stayed home and relaxed, so rare! It worked out well as I was in Sydney for a few days that week so he was able to plan dinners that he knows he can manage. So, let me share with you my husband’s meal plan. Please don’t pick on him if you don’t think it’s healthy or balanced, this once-off plan is an exception and I think he’s done OK.

My hubby’s go-to dinner when I go out is meat pie and chips; the kids love it. I also asked on Facebook what the community’s partner’s signature dishes are and I listed them all below.



Chicken schnitzel from the grocery store deli with mashed potato and vegetables


Beef stirfry using a packet sauce mix and fresh vegetables with rice


Frozen meat pie and frozen chips (cooked in the oven, not eaten frozen LOL)


Spaghetti bolognese


BBQ sausages, mashed potato and vegetables


Beef ravioli with a tomato based sauce (found in the cold section) and garlic bread



I had some Apricot Yoghurt Muffins in the freezer along with some biscuits.

Fruit muffins are always a great addition to the kids lunch box.  This recipe is easy to prepare, you can do it on the weekend and freeze so you can add to lunch boxes through the week or prepare it while you are waiting for dinner to finish cooking in the oven or stove top.


I asked the community what their partner’s go-do dinner dish is. This is an awesome list of ideas:



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