Fuss-Free Cleaning With The Strucket

The Strucket is the ultimate cleaning companion that allows you to soak, separate and drain – it’s literally the only bucket you’ll ever need!

If a bucket and a strainer had a baby, the remarkable offspring would look something like the Strucket. It has literally become my go-to for most cleaning chores – whether they be in the laundry, kitchen or around the home. It’s super easy to use, and makes sticking my hands in dirty water a thing of the past.

The Strucket is like a normal bucket… but better! It’s Australian designed and made (which I love!) and comes in four fabulous colours (aqua is the most popular colour).

How to use a strucket bucket

How Does The Strucket Work?

The design of the Strucket makes it incredibly easy to soak, separate and drain without needing to cart around heavy buckets or submerge your hands in dirty water. Whilst it looks like a normal bucket from the outside, it’s the clever inner strainer and the outer plug that makes soaking simple and stress-free.

soak seperate and drain with the strucket

INNER STRAINER: After your clothes, vegetables, kid’s toys (you can see that the options are endless) have soaked, you can easily lift the strainer out of the bucket and allow the contents to be drained of the dirty water they were soaking. This makes it lighter to lift, and prevents you from ever needing to ever put your hands in the icky water.

strain soaked toys with the strucket

OUTER PLUG: But what about the dirty water left in the bucket? This is where the clever retractable spout at the bottom of the bucket comes into play. Simply pop out this outer plug and drain the dirty water without ever needing to lay a hand in the water or attempt to tip a heavy bucket of water down the drain. This plug then pops back into the bucket to allow for easy storage of the Strucket. Alternatively, you could pour the water onto your garden. 

Drain bucket with strucket plug

Easily put your wet items into the washing machine without drips between the sink and the washing machine.  

strucket bucket for laundry washing

10 Ways to use the Strucket

I originally got a Strucket so I could easily soak and drain my laundry, but quickly learnt there’s so much more that this ‘strainer meets bucket’ can do! Here are 10 ways the Strucket can help around your home (but I think there are countless more!).


Laundry is perhaps the most obvious use of the Strucket, but more specifically it’s fabulous to use for your whites. I like to occasionally soak my white laundry to brighten it up and leave dirty and soiled clothes and reusable monthly underwear to soak overnight. But I don’t like to submerge my hands in the dirty water. The Strucket means I no longer need to put my hands in the grubby water to pull out the clothes. 


I like to wash my produce, especially at the moment with all the talk of coronavirus (and with so many hands touching the fruit and veggies at the shops). I use my Strucket to clean all my fruit and veg, and pop in a little of this Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash which helps remove any residual pesticides, oils, waxes and chemicals.

strucket to clean produce


Re-usable nappies have become really popular in recent years, but many parents are still unsure how to tackle the cleaning side of cloth nappies. Had the Strucket been around when my kids were young, I might have been brave enough to give them a whirl! The Strucket allows you to easily soak soiled nappies and then lift them out of the dirty water which can then be easily drained away, without you ever needing to submerge your hands in it.


All parents need to tackle toilet training at some point, and the unfortunate by product of teaching your child to use the toilet, is a whole bunch of soiled pants. Like cloth nappies, the Strucket makes easy work of this smelly mishaps.


When my kids were younger I would routinely soak their toys before packing away and switching with another box of toys. This meant the packed away toys were always clean and sterilised. Whether it’s cleaning rubber bath toys with vinegar, sterilising lego in bleach, or even soaking the stuffed teddies in a laundry liquid, the Strucket removes the hard work and hassle.

How to clean lego with strucket


Excess grease and baked on tough stains can build up on baking trays and frying pans. A good soak with a little baking soda and vinegar is sometimes all it takes to remove this grease and clean your baking trays. The Strucket makes doing this an easy mess-free affair.

If dealing with baked-on kitchen grease is not your thing, take a leaf out of my book and switch over to non-stick silicone bakeware instead – I love it! Check out the full range of silicone bakeware here.


I’m not a fisherman myself but have been told by a few friends that like to cast the odd rod, that the Strucket makes for a fabulous fishing accessory. It helps keep your bait fresh in the ice because it allows you to easily drain the water away as it melts, which prevents the bait from going mushy – or so I’m told. Apparently the Strucket makes cleaning your catch much easier too, although I’ll have to take the word of my fisherman friends on this one.

the best fishing bucket


Craft time with the kids can be a lot of fun, but cleanup can be a little less appealing. With the Strucket, paintbrushes, paint sponges, paint palates – basically anything paint related – can be popped in and easily soaked, separated, and then the murky water drained away.


I didn’t realise until recently, just how expensive golf balls are – or how dirty they get! A few friends have husbands who like to golf, and who frequently return home with a bag full of dirty golf balls that need cleaning. The Strucket makes for a very quick and simple solution to this problem, because the golf balls can be left to soak and then easily removed by lifting the strainer out from the bucket.


Forget carting a heavy esky around for just a few drinks. The Strucket allows you to place a few cold ones in ice so that they are easy to grab, plus the strainer and outer plug mean you can easily get rid of the excess water as the ice melts, which helps keep your drinks colder for even longer.

bucket strucket esky for beer


The Strucket can seamlessly take you from washing the dishes, to prepping the fruit and veg, storing the fish you caught, keeping your drinks cold, to cleaning your dirty clothes and golf balls. It seems a no-brainer then, that a product like this would be invaluable on any camping trip! It really is shaping up to be the only bucket anyone would ever need.


I clean my mop heads in the Strucket by adding a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil in the final rinse to give them a fresh scent. 

wash mop heads in bucket


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