How to organise the kids kitchen drawer

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Is there a mess of kids’ cups, plates and cutlery in your kitchen? Here’s how to beautifully organise the kids kitchen drawer or cupboard.

Whether they are toddlers or teenagers, kids of all ages seem to acquire a variety of colourful plates, lunch containers, cups and cutlery that tends to spill all over your drawer or cupboard!

This can make it difficult to find lids for containers and no one likes rummaging through a drawer to find what they’re looking for. Here’s how to organise your kids kitchen drawer or cupboard so everyone can always find what they need.



Start by clearing everything out from the drawer/cupboard.


Clean the drawer or cupboard using a soft cloth and cleaning spray. If there are stubborn stains, The Pink Stuff paste is excellent for removing them.


Declutter! Sort through and throw out items that you no longer need, have no matching part or that aren’t being used.


Create zones. Group all the similar items together, such as plates, cutlery, cups and lunch containers.


Store items in crystal containers to make it easy to see at a glance what you have and keep items separated. Voila! You have an organised kids kitchen drawer!

Kat’s tip
Measure your drawer or cupboard to find a container that perfectly fits your space.

The products used in this drawer organisation include Crystal Storage Container Rectangle and the Crystal Storage Container Rectangle Medium.


We offer a huge variety of hand-selected organisation, storage, cleaning, kitchenwares, homewares and more all to help make life easier at home, all delivered to your door.

Crystal Storage Container Rectangle 25 X 10 X 15cm
Crystal Storage Container Rectangle Medium 21 x 19 x 15cm
The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste

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