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easy routines for an orderly home

Keeping a clean home can help to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. Here’s how….


inside the life of the real housewife of the GC

She’s the Gold Coast influencer who has become a national phenomenon… and her viral content is truly shocking.

MARCH 2022

fridge organising hacks

Our fridges are one of the main appliances in our kitchen, but how often do you clean yours out? Fear not, here are the top tips to keep your food fresher for longer!

APRIL 2022

best and worst cleaners

The cleaning products promising to bust dirt and germs could be a waste of money, a new report by the consumer group Choice has revealed many are no better than using plain water!

MAY 2022

removing mould from your home

The relentless rain and humidity has created an environment for mould to spread rapidly within our homes. I did a live cross recently to TODAY Extra sharing my tips to help clean away the mould.

MAY 2022

tips to clean away mould from your home

Torrential rain and high humidity has created the perfect breeding ground for toxic mould. So what are the health risks you need to know?


JULY 2021

winter gygiene for the whole family

It’s more important than ever to stay safe during winter. Here are the best tips for keeping you and your family protected this cold and flu season. 


simple cleaning hacks to make your home sparkle this spring

Did you know a common fruit can transform your microwave in just five minutes?


MARCH 2019

preparing for storm season

My Pre-Storm Checklist will make sure you and your family are adequately prepared for when those skies decide to open up.


MARCH 2018

meal planning tips 

Blogger Katrina Springer shows Today Tonight the easier way to cook and clean.
Household hacks to save you time and money.

MARCH 2018

15 ways to save at the supermarket 

From the teenager who stored her dirty clothes under her bed, Katrina Springer has become Australia’s own super saver, blogging to her half a million followers about organisation, cleaning and saving cash.



mum’s diy tips to slash cleaning expenses

Mother and blogger Katrina Springer bans expensive cleaners from her grocery shop and instead makes her own.

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