How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

How to organise the cupboard under the kitchen sink, and make it clutter free. Organise the under the sink space efficiently as possible, so you can easily access the things you need to use.

The cupboard under the kitchen sink, can be an awkward one to keep tidy and use effectively as it also contains sinks and plumbing. Under sink organisation is one thing that I regularly hear from my readers that they have trouble with. I keep my under the kitchen sink cupboard space organised for a few reasons:

  • It’s easier to keep clean
  • It’s easier to find what I need
  • There is less clutter as I only keep what I use regularly in there.
  • I can most effectively utilise what space there is in the cupboard.

I thought it would be good to share a post on ‘How to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard’ so you can see how I sort out mine and you can have another clutter-free space in the house!

Update: I have since renovated my kitchen, so this is images of my under the sink cupboard before renos. 

how to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

You want to make this cupboard organised enough that everything has a place to avoid it from becoming a mess. You only want to have supplies in there that you use regularly to avoid it becoming too cluttered.

  1. Remove everything from the cupboard, grouping similar items together
  2. Assess what was under the sink
  3. Purge anything you no longer need
  4. Label
  5. Organise!


Labeling storage containers is the best for organising clutter-prone areas like under the kitchen sink. Any space that can easily become a dumping zone and untidy. The key to keeping it organised is to make sure everything has a place and label everything! This lets all household members know where everything goes, and avoids things being put back in the wrong spot.


are brilliant for under sink organisation, as you can utilise space normally wasted due to the under sink plumbing. This tension rod holds my cleaning spray bottles, which helps to keep the cupboard clutter free. I’m such a fan of using tension rods to reduce clutter.


Are a great way to increase the functionality of the under sink cupboard. In the top drawer, I keep clean microfibre cleaning cloths.  In the lower drawer, I have a smaller tray inserted for my dishwasher tablets, with my spare sponges next to it.


Keep your kitchen sink organised and clutter-free with this space-saving sink tidy that helps gives you more space under your sink (or keep on top of the sink tidy) and helps to air your sponges and brushes with fewer germs. When washing up, the Sink Tidy will keep sponges and washing up liquid together in one convenient place.  


I make my own antibacterial reusable wipes which I keep in an air-tight plastic container, this really reduces waste and is far more economical that disposable ones. 


I’ve have 3M hooks on the cupboard door to hold washing up gloves.  I love these gloves for when I have to do washing up by hand, as not only do they protect my hands but they also have built in scrubber on the hand. This makes washing up so much faster. On the other door, I have a hook for my bottle cleaning set, which has little tools to get into all the crevices in drink bottles and keep cups.

under sink cupboard organisation
how to organise under the kitchen sink cupboard

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