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Banana Nutella Puffs

Don’t you hate it when the fruit flies start flying over the old banana’s.  I usually put them in the freezer at this time for muffins or smoothies, but I had an ample amount already in there so I made an impromptu afternoon snack to use up the old bananas. Quick and easy, as simple […]

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Healthy Coconut Lemon Balls

Sometimes it’s hard to find something different to add to the kids lunch boxes, they have their usual sandwich, a piece of fruit, vegetables sticks and some baking, but there are days where they want something a little more and I am loving the ‘balls‘ that I have been making lately.  Not only are they […]

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  • Jess Virk

    Do you have an alternative ingredient to replace the almonds? Most schools are nut free zones. I would still love to make the lemon balls, they look delicious! Maybe an after school snack :) ReplyCancel

    • Narelle

      sunflower seeds would be a great alternative, make them into a meal with the blender.ReplyCancel

  • tabs

    I would like to know that as well.ReplyCancel

  • Narelle

    Beautiful is you Katrina, what a wonderful recipe, so healthy. I have the happy addiction to chocolate so my favourite snack is almond meal, honey, coconut oil and a couple of tablespoons of cacao. I used to roll these into balls, now I just put the mixture into a jar and take a teaspoon to the fridge and get some when I feel like a sweet treat. The jar has been known to find it’s way with a spoon to the computer and is enjoyed while browsing my favourite blogs : ) xReplyCancel

Apricot Balls

Over the years I have purchased the yummy little fruit bites from the healthy food section at the supermarket to include in the kids lunchboxes.  But looking more closely I’ve realised they are filled with so much sugar, coated in sugar in fact.  We are on a mission to eat healthier and this is certainly […]

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Apple Fruit Leather

My kids love the addition of fruit leather to their lunchbox or to have as an after school snack.  I don’t see the need to add any sugar or further flavours, they are delicious just as simple pureed fruit.  I use the oven to cook my fruit leathers, takes between 3-4 hours.  Alternatively you could […]

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  • Jenny S

    What should the oven temp be for these? Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Raewyn

    Do you need to put them on baking paper or something or just on the oven tray?ReplyCancel

    • Lauren

      The recipe says to use baking paper.ReplyCancel

    • I put them on baking paper so it’s easier to slice up and avoid it sticking to the pan.ReplyCancel

  • Lukataya

    Have you tried this in the thermomix? How do you store it and how long will it last (if not eaten right away…)ReplyCancel

    • Lukataya

      Oops… I just scrolled down and found the thermie instructions…. my bad. :( ReplyCancel

      • no worreis Lukataya, I am trying as much as possible to include both recipes these days :) ReplyCancel

  • lj

    how long do they last?ReplyCancel

    • They can last weeks LJ, but in our household, they are usually eaten within days.ReplyCancel

  • tj

    :( Was so excited to try this but mine stuck to the baking paper! What did I do wrong?ReplyCancel

Banana Chocolate Energy Balls

I found this Raw Vegan Energy Balls recipe on Not Quite Nigella, I’ve renamed them to Banana Chocolate Energy Balls (more enticing for the kiddies).  These balls are a great way to use up some over ripe bananas and it’s a wonderfully healthy after school snack for the kids. Ingredients: 2 very ripe bananas, peeled and […]

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  • Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Thanks so much for the shoutout Katrina! Your rename is definitely a good idea. I don’t imagine that kids would go for raw vegan anything :) ReplyCancel

Cherry Ripe Balls

A friend of mine recently told me about a recipe, Cherry Ripe Balls.   She knows me ooh to well, Cherry Ripes are my most favourite chocolate bar and funnily enough after my surgery it’s one of the only chocolate bars I can stomach, many of the others are too sweet for me now. I […]

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  • Lisa

    Wondering what are cherry ripe bars? and Nice biscuits?ReplyCancel

    • Clare

      where are you from Lisa? These are an aussie chocolate bar with cherries and coconut inside and covered in dark chocolate. Nice biscuits are just a sweet plain biscuit :) ReplyCancel

    • Aah Lisa I’m presuming you are not Aussie. Here in Australia Cherry ripe bar is the most delicious chocolate, it’s chocolate on the outside and cherry and coconut on the inside. Nice biscuits are a dry sweet biscuit with sugar on the outside.ReplyCancel

  • AMS

    Sounds awesome, what size cherry ripe bars did you use ?ReplyCancel

    • Clare

      I would assume the standard size or king size as there is a large quantity of biscuit included :) ReplyCancel

    • I used the small ones, but you could use the bigger variety would be a stronger cherry ripe flavourReplyCancel

  • Diandra

    Just wondering how many balls does this recipe make??ReplyCancel

  • Amanda

    I will have to try these. I have made them like a regular Rumball with the cocoa & rum too. Have also used ‘Fry’s Turkish delight’ bars too. YUMMM !ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    Do you use standard size cherry ropes or treat size?ReplyCancel

Home-made Cheese Biscuits

I’m really enjoying cooking a wonderful array of food for my family on weekends, it’s my way to relax and unwind.  My kids love crackers and dips and I have wanted to try making my own type of cracker of a while.  This is a cheese cracker which I served with avocado and smoked salmon. […]

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  • Tab

    I love cheese biscuits! The recipe reminds me of the one my grandmother gave to me, and has since been lost. Thanks Kat!ReplyCancel

  • Kate Horton

    Turned out beautifully! :) Love the hit of heat the cayenne and poppy seeds provided. :) I made mini versions (about the size of a 20c piece) for gift jars. Thanks for the recipe!! :) ReplyCancel

Puppy Chow

I’ve been trying to find new and different snack ideas for the kids, almost always their snacks are healthy, but sometimes it’s OK to have something a little naughty.  Puppy Chow, it’s such a funny name and when I told my friends about this recipe they had the funniest looks on their faces, but once […]

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  • Anne

    Ha ha – I love the name of this evil snack! I can already picture the horrified look on my husband’s face if I offered him up something called Puppy Chow….mind you he’d probably give it a go with nary a second thought – he’s often commented that the animal in our family eat better than we (humans) do……!ReplyCancel

  • Jane

    A great recipe – I can sub all organic products and still come away with a great snack! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Cam

    So I’ve been to woollies, Coles and IGA and can’t find crispix cereal. Any ideas where I can get it (in the west) or has anyone used another cereal? The shredded one maybe.ReplyCancel

  • Infoxicating Lady

    It’s a shame it isn’t nut free – It’d be a great lunchbox treat, if only a few times a term!ReplyCancel

{RECIPE} Easy & Yummy Energy Balls

You know those times when you or the kids stand at the fridge hungry and not sure what you feel like. I’ve made up a batch of these super easy and ooh so yummy energy balls to keep in the fridge for exactly this time.  They aren’t the type of snack to add to the […]

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  • Rach

    what is a substitute for flaxseed please?ReplyCancel

  • Demi Monfries

    what could i use instead of peanut butter as we dont like it much?ReplyCancel

    • Naomi

      I’m going to try with nutfree butter made from sunflower seeds as we have nut allergies :-)

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    What a great idea! I make my energy balls a little bit differently, so I’m excited to try this variety out. Thanks! Have a lovely weekend xxReplyCancel

  • Browningtown

    oh my gosh these are THE best!!!ReplyCancel

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Homemade Strawberry Rollups Fruit Leather

Whenever my kids go grocery shopping with me they always ask for rollups and I always say no.  ’But why Mum? My friends have them all the time’. I’m on my mission to live a healthier life and one key area is teaching my children why certain foods aren’t good for them.  Over the years […]

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  • Tracie

    Hi Kat, I’m also on a healthier living kick and think it’s great that you are able to explain to your kids what’s healthy and why! If we have a hope of our next generation making better choices we need to give them knowledge.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Yum! These look so yummy! What a brilliant way to use beautiful, juicy strawberries! ThanksReplyCancel

  • Lauren B

    These look delicious, I love strawberries :)!

    Check out my giveaway here :)


  • Marita Beard

    I saw punnets of strawberries really cheap at the grocers today, they were not in great condition so I didn’t get them. But now I’m thinking they’d be perfect for making roll ups with. Might have to go back tomorrow.ReplyCancel

  • Shirley Brake Poulain

    Love the recipe… but one question…. What is a Punnet? How many cups does it equal?….. From Nova Scotia, Canada :) ReplyCancel

  • K-Lee

    For those that have made these, I don’t have a mini chopper. Would blending in short bursts get a similar result, or completely the wrong consistency?ReplyCancel

  • Janina Lear

    Thank You so much. I am on the same mission. Strawberries are so cheap right now so will get right onto this.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Granger

    Just wondering has anyone made these with no added sugar??? does the sugar really make a difference? and can you basically make it with any fruit???ReplyCancel

    • MayanFox

      If you’re American than yes, you will taste the absence of added sugar because you add sugar to everything! haha – kidding Americans, don’t hate me. I’ve done this without sugar and it’s great – to me:) You could always try stevia for low cal yet natural.ReplyCancel

      • Mommy Adventures

        It’s so true though. I grew up in the U.S. but now live in Australia and every time I visit my family over there, I am shocked by sweetness of EVERYTHING! When I first came here though, I thought all the food was gross haha.ReplyCancel

        • MayanFox

          phew – I’m not alone! haha – I lived in America as a child too but had forgotten about that level of sweetness in food difference until I went back with my band recently and had some peanut butter. “Man this peanut butter tastes sweet!” then I read the label and saw HFCS! lol

          Ahh America, I do love thee:)ReplyCancel

          • S.

            SO glad to have this confirmed! I have been baking a lot of American recipes over the last year and they are all so horribly sweet! At first I thought there must be something wrong with my conversions to metric, but eventually came to the conclusion that Aussies just don’t like as much sugar! :-)

  • LisaMT

    They sound yummy and I would love to give some to my kids (I’ve never bought them roll-ups for the same reasons) but my Miss 5 is allergic to strawberries. Would love a recipe for it using apple if anyone has one? Pleeeeaaasseeee lol.ReplyCancel

  • K

    I was wondering if other fruit could be used too?ReplyCancel

    • absolutely, I have tried it now with Apple, and that worked really well. I used strawberry and banana the other day, but it wasn’t the same texture ‘leather’ as pure strawberry.ReplyCancel

  • Fiona

    I buy bulk bananas when they are on special puree them with no added any thing and my kids LOVE them. Some times I add natural yoghurt but then you have to keep them in the fridge (they also freeze really well too) I did try coconut milk once instead of the yoghurt but they were a bit weird and the kids didn’t like them as much.ReplyCancel

  • […] homemade strawberry roll ups which I will definitely be trying out!  Take a look at the post via The Organised Housewife.  Yum!  It is a great blog […]ReplyCancel

  • Angie Shields

    Did you have to cook the apple or did you just blitz it like the strawberries? Im going to try them this weekend using my belliniReplyCancel

  • sarah

    What about frozen berries or would it make it harder to set ???taiReplyCancel

  • Mommy Adventures

    Do you think this would work with honey instead of sugar?? Honey sweetens, but also has many incredible physiological effects, making it very good for you :) IReplyCancel

  • Opal

    If you have a dehydrator then you can use things like yoghurt to make the leathers as well. I can remember my mum doing it for my lunch boxes when i was a kid. I might have to experiment and see if the yoghurt will have the same effect in the ovenReplyCancel

  • Donna Leinweber Stilts

    Is a punnet the same as a pint? I never heard of a punnet before.ReplyCancel

    • Barbara Ann Harakal

      According to what I read is closely equivalent to a pint of strawberries. Someone on here said it is 250g. Maybe weigh a pint of berries to see how many grams it is and go from there? That to me would be the best way to handle this issue.ReplyCancel

  • Daphne Ennor

    You can make it without sugar just add some apple. It will make the strawberry go further. You can do the same with all sorts of fruit like pear, mango and kiwifruitReplyCancel

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  • Jo

    I tried this with frozen berries (blackberries and blueberries) – fail!
    Again with apple and cinnamon – fail! 6 hours in the oven and still runny…

    Any tips?ReplyCancel

    • Ooh no Jo. Perhaps the frozen fruit has too much water in it. I use fresh fruit, for example strawberries are just pure pureed strawberries.ReplyCancel

  • […] super dynamo Kat - The Organised Housewife has a great recipe for Homemade Strawberry Roll ups - Click Here Popcorn – Most kids love plain home made popcorn. One of the best things I’ve bought […]ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    You need to use a fibrous fruit like apples etc so blackberries and blueberries on their own won’t work without strawberries/apples/pear or even pumpkin. A punnet in woolies is 250g. I have a recipe at home that states 120 degrees with the door propped open with a wooden spoon slightly and between 2 and 10 hours? And it cooks the fruit first then puree’s then bakes? maybe play with the recipe a bit? I am going to try both and see how I go.ReplyCancel

{RECIPE} Ham & Zucchini Pikelets

Kids have just arrived home from school and got stuck into their homework, so while they were doing that I quickly prepared a healthy after school snack for them, Ham & Zucchini Pikelets with a spoonful of herbed yoghurt.  They really enjoyed them, something different and savoury for afternoon tea. Ham & Zucchini Pikelets Prep […]

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  • K-Lee

    Made these today (with a few substitutions to make them gluten free) for my fussy 3yr old and she loved them! Although I must admit mine didn’t look as pretty as yours! :) ReplyCancel

    • I bet they still tasted as good, so please your 3yo loved them, she is a great eater!!ReplyCancel