Task 52 – Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks challenge

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

This is the last task of the Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks challenge, how exciting!  Thank you for following along I hope you have enjoyed the challenge and have found that it has made a difference in your home.

I have a new challenge planned for next year, it will start in February 2015.


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My definition of purge – sell, donate, repurpose or throw away items as you see fit


Declutter 52 things in 52 weeks - Task 52

Top of bedroom cupboards

Kids bedrooms can easily accumulate so much ‘stuff’, items they bring home from school, all their toys, books, pieces of paper or clothes, the last task of the challenge is to declutter the tops of the wardrobes in your home.

I store out of season and hand me down clothes in the tops of the kids wardrobes.


My eldest keeps some of her baby toys in a box in the top of her cupboard

The Organised Housewife Tween Wardrobe Make Over 11

Todays task is to:

Donate or store away for hand me downs the following from the kids rooms:

  • Small clothes
  • Shoes that are too small
  • Toys they have outgrown
  • Books they have outgrown

Throw out:

  • Rubbish
  • Paper clutter
  • Broken toys


Organised Bedrooms

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organising the wardrobe for a growing boy 2

Lego Storage Ideas

Miss 9’s bedroom makeover

{The Organised Housewife} Girls Bedroom Makeover 10 IG

Tween bedroom makeover

The Organised Housewife Tween Wardrobe Make Over 8Bedroom Makeover – from cluttered to a relaxing bedroom for mum

{The Organised Housewife} Mums Bedroom Makeover 2

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How many items have you been able to purge today?


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