Tips To Get Your Wardrobe Ready For A Change In Season

Some easy and helpful tips for sorting and organising your family’s wardrobes, so that you’re prepared for the change in season.

Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to pull out the winter woollies! Whenever there’s a change in season, I spend a bit of time preparing my family’s wardrobes for the weather changes. It’s a chance to have a good clean out, whilst ensuring the wardrobes are user-friendly and not too cluttered.

how to donate, sell and declutter old clothes

Use these Sorting Labels (above) to help organise old clothes

Whether you’re tidying up your wardrobe or your child’s, these tips will help you get prepared for the chilly change in season.

1. Set Yourself Goals

Set yourself a goal and keep it realistic to your lifestyle. If you are time-poor, perhaps just start with one drawer per day and work your way through each room at a time. Use my Let’s Do This notepad to help you prioritise your day.

lets do this notepad

2. Sort Through Your Clothes

Sort through your clothes and cut back where you can. Items that you no longer need to keep can be handed down to younger siblings/family/friends or charity shops. Use this checklist to help decide if a clothing item is worth keeping or not.

how to declutter your clothes

3. Clean Out Your Wardrobe

Use my coat hanger method to help work out what clothes you don’t wear. This makes an end-of-season wardrobe clean out super easy!

Simply turn all your coat hangers the opposite way to what you usually hang them. When you have worn an item place it back in your wardrobe with the coat hanger the correct way around. After a few months, all the coat hangers the wrong way around are an indication of what you’re not wearing.  You can then take the brave step to remove these items from your wardrobe and donate them to a friend or charity like Dress for Success, Salvation Army, or your local goodwill store.

Find some tips on where to start when sorting through your wardrobe as you prepare for the change in season.

4. Consider A Capsule Wardrobe

A few comfortable and good-quality wardrobe items – if chosen well – can team together to make lots of different looks. Fewer items in your wardrobe also means less clutter! Check out all the outfit options I was able to create from six simple wardrobe pieces here.  

Motto capsule wardrobe essential for women

capsule wardrobe

5. Store Clothes Away

Pack away any clothes that won’t be needed in the upcoming season. Winter clothes often take up more space than summer clothes, so it’s a good idea to pack away your summer dresses, skirts and singlets in the lead up to winter so you can accommodate your bulkier items. Out of season clothes can then be stored away in a suitcase, storage bag or a box to free up space in your wardrobe. I store my children’s clothes in plastic tubs at the top of their wardrobes.

Organised boxes for wardrobe storage and declutter

6. Consider Better Storage Ideas

Once you’ve cleared some space, keep your remaining wardrobe items clutter-free and organised using some functional and easy-to-use storage ideas. You can find some previous posts (below) that I’ve shared over the years about storage in my kid’s wardrobes:


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