Weekly Family Meal Plan #182

Plan your meals for the week with these 7 family-friendly dinner ideas that are easy on your budget.

With the rising cost of living, I’ve created a budget-friendly meal plan this week to help you save at the checkout. Here’s some inspiration for easy and cost effective dinners everyone will enjoy.


Each week I plan my meals for the following week, this is called meal or menu planning. Some think it’s not worth it, but it really is a simple task that takes 5-10 minutes to plan one week of meals. The money and time that these five minutes save me throughout my week, makes it well worth the effort.


Sausage and Vegetable Pasta Bake – Pasta and sausages are two super budget-friendly ingredients that are both filling and popular with kids. If you buy one of those 24 sausage packs at the supermarket, you can use 10 for this recipe and keep the others for another night.


Tacos – Everyone loves taco Tuesday! Simply buy a taco pack with some mince or chicken, and add your favourite toppings. If lettuce is too pricey, try mixing a salsa of diced cucumber and tomato instead.


Chicken Tonight Smoked Texan Chicken Drumsticks – Grab some chicken drumsticks and a budget-friendly sachet from Chicken Tonight’s yummy new American Collection – Smoked Texan Chicken Drumsticks. Serve with corn and a baked potato. 


Savoury Sausage Casserole – Time to use those leftover sausages! This Savoury Sausage Casserole recipe is one of my favourite meals and perfect for a winter’s night.


Baked Fish and Tahini Sauce – 


Slow Cooked Beef and Vegetable Stew – Pop the slow cooker on in the morning so you can relax on Saturday afternoon! Gravy beef (also known as chuck steak is a great budget option that cooks beautifully when slow cooked.

Want a simpler version? Maggi’s Slow Cooker Beef with Rich Sauce Recipe Base makes an ideal base to which you can add steak, onion, tomato paste, carrot, rice, mushrooms and beef stock.


Crispy Chicken Katsu – This delicious recipe looks and tastes amazing while being gentle on the budget.


Healthy Chocolate Rice Bubble Bars – Instead of buying packaged LCMs, try these easy and delicious snacks that are inexpensive to make.



inspiration to create your family weekly meal plan

Each week I share a meal plan that is packed with easy to make recipes, with variety, all to help on those busy evenings.


tried, tested + easy recipes the whole family will enjoy

Find loads of family friendly meal ideas, delicious muffins, cakes, biscuits and more that every body will enjoy.

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