Weekly Meal Planning Ideas

weekly meal plan ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to create a meal plan, you are in the right place!

Each week I share a weekly meal plan that is filled with a good variety of dinner options. I try to include a range of different types of meals, proteins, cuisines and include some easy dinners to cover those busy days.

Use my meal plans for inspiration to create a weekly meal plan to suit your schedule and family.


saves time

minimise the need for mid-week quick trips to the store.

saves money

plan meals around the items on special for the week.

reduce wastage

plan meals using up food in your fridge and left overs.

balanced meals

create variety eating enough fish and red meat and vegetables.


Forget the multiple mid-week trips to the supermarket or the Witching Hour whirlwind as you try to piece dinner together. A meal planner allows you to easily plan your nightly meals, with enough room left over to jot down a few weekly errands too.

Save time and money & reduce your food wastage.


Weekly Family Meal Plan #235

Inspired by the wonderful meal ideas you shared with me recently on Facebook, I’ve created this weekly family meal plan. Incorporate your favourite dishes that you’ve been enjoying for dinner.

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Weekly Family Meal Plan #234

Contrary to popular belief, meal planning is a simple task that can save you a ton of effort throughout the week. Spending just 15-20 minutes to plan your meals and create a grocery list is far more efficient than coming up with new meal ideas every night and making multiple trips to the store for ingredients. If you haven’t tried weekly meal planning yet, give it a shot and see how much easier it makes your life!

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Weekly Family Meal Plan #233

Save time, money, and reduce stress by planning your dinners for the week and shopping in one go. Enjoy quality family time, healthier food choices, and balanced dinners when weekly meal planning.

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Meal Planning is one of the best tools I use to save time, money and simplify family dinner time. Every week I plan our meals for the coming week and planning seven days’ worth of dinners only takes me five or ten minutes. No more trying to think of what to have for dinner at the end of the day! I can also account for the busy days in the week by adding some quick to make meals to the menu. Meal planning also saves time and money when grocery shopping, as I can plan to use up items in the fridge and cupboard rather than wasting them. I can then shop to a grocery list of only the items and ingredients needed, reducing unnecessary impulse purchases. One of the best reasons yet to meal plan is that no more will you get the question of what’s for dinner tonight from your family, as they can just check the meal plan up on the fridge!