In memory of my mum

Thank you all for your love and patience over the past few weeks.  Firstly I had a week off from blogging to catch up on tasks around the home and on the blog.  However I came down sick and made the decision to have another week off to finish what I needed.  However things never seem go to plan.  

Thursday night before last my mum was admitted to hospital as she started to slur when speaking along with a few other unusual symptoms.  Dad drove her straight to emergency despite her insisting she was fine.  Doctors suspected she had a mini stroke.  However the following day they did scans and found mum had a brain tumor.  Unfortunately 2 days later she had a seizure as the tumor had grown significantly and they sent her to have emergency surgery.  After the surgery Mum struggled to breath on her own and only rarely opened her eyes.  She could hear us talking to her and at times could nod and shake her head.  She was trying so very hard, however sadly mum lost her battle yesterday.  

These past 10 days have been the hardest I have ever had to endure.  I still can’t believe it as it all happened so unexpectedly and quickly.  There was so much I wanted to say and share with my mum, it wasn’t her time to go. 

I mentioned in my post about feeling the difference that somebody close to me had lost her mum and I watched as her home change, she became a hoarder.  I was wanting this person to read my blog and become inspired to live with less around her.  This person was my mum.  I know she was very proud of me, my blog and my efforts, I was just patiently waiting until she was ready.  

It maybe slow here on the blog again this week as we plan the funeral, but posting and chatting to you all may take my mind off things too.  Over the following weeks I will be helping my dad to tidy their house.  

I miss my mum with all my heart, thank you all for understanding my absence at this difficult time. xx  

Mum, my eldest daughter and I

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