Use some stashed away fabric

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Do you have old fabric stashed away?  Have you thought “I will use it one day”, but never have. Yes this is me…I have a container full of fabrics purchased with great intentions, some I have had since high school home ec. classes and some inherited from my grandmother.  I haven’t completed this challenge yet, however I plan on doing so.  I have loved googling for ideas on how to use unwanted fabric, I’m inspired to make something…mmm but what?


  1. Sort through your stash of fabrics
  2. Create three piles – 1.definitely won’t use  2. designated project  3. like but don’t know what to make pile
  3. Dispose of your ‘definitely won’t use pile’, see ideas below.
  4. Put all designated projects on your to-do list, hopefully this will prevent your fabrics for sitting there for another 12 months and tomorrow’s post.
  5. Make something using your ‘like but don’t know what to do with’ fabric, see idea’s below.

Definitely won’t use pile:

  • Donate to charity
  • Donate to a charity, project specific to making clothes or quilts
  • Donate to a nursing home
  • Donate to local school or kindy
  • or use as gift wrap 

Like but don’t know what to do with fabric:

Make one of the following for yourself or as a gift for grandparents, teachers, neighbours or friends.

Cover a notebook – buy a hardcover notebook, cover book just like using contact paper, however use good quality craft glue to stick down edges.  To hide the material edge and give it a neat appearance, cut out 2 pieces of cardboard slightly smaller than the size of the cover.  Cover each piece with same material, glue pieces to back of front and back cover.  Add a nice pen and you have just made a gorgeous little Christmas gift.

Pin cushion – Instructions HERE at Paper.String.Cloth

Christmas Trees to decorate your house – Instructions HERE at Jolly allsorts

Camera case -Instructions HERE from Sew Mama Sew

Glasses case – Instructions HERE at Amazing Mae

Canvas Wall Art – Use a gorgeous bit of fabric to cover a canvas.  Great YouTube video HERE

Heat Pack – Instructions HERE from

Bookmark – Instructions HERE from 7 Layer Studio

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