How Often Should I wash my pants?

Check out the washing habits of others and uncover clever hacks to extend the time between washes, plus practical laundry tips for a more efficient routine.

Jeans, to wash or not to wash, this is the question. Like you, I’ve heard that jeans shouldn’t be washed often because it fades them and simply isn’t necessary. As a busy mum and clean freak, I felt certain I couldn’t be the only one struggling to wrap my head around this idea – motherhood can be a dirty job after all – and it turns out I’m not.

Personally, I wash my pants if I’ve worn them all day, but if I wear them for half a day I put them aside to wear again (but don’t fold them back up and put with my clean clothes).

Turns out though, we all have very different answers to this question, and some pretty nifty hacks on keeping pants clean without washing too! 

Here’s what the community have shared:

Every Time I Wear Them

“Every time I wear them. Jeans change shape pretty quickly and I love the look/feel of well fitting denim.” – Cindy-Leigh

“After each wear… I didn’t know that there was any other option!” – Kris

“Every time I wear them! I have a 4 year old who thinks my clothes are his napkin or tissues.” – Maree

“After every wear – cannot seem to wear something more than once, also applies to clothes I have tried on and then changed my mind on.” – Sue

Kat’s Tip: 
Use a lint roller to help remove pet fur from your pants, or wrap some packing tape (sticky side up) around your hand to dab onto your clothes to pick up the fur.

Occasionally – Every Other Time

“For Jeans and denim shorts after 2/3 wears and air them in between, but I do employ the sniff test and if I have spilled something on them then off they go to the washing machine.” – Loryn

“I air my clothes much more than wash them (depending on the item of course!). Jeans at least 3-4 wears before washing them.” – Julz

“When they don’t pass the sniff test.” – Hannah

“After using public toilets or when they are visibly dirty.” – Danielle

“On a skinny day so when they shrink and tighten a little I know I’ll have success fitting back into them.” – Gemma


“You aren’t supposed to wash denim very often – it’s recommended to throw them in the freezer to rid any odours. I don’t wear denim anymore but when I did, it was less than weekly.” – Kathleen

“According to Who What Wear, you should be washing jeans every four or five wears, because anything else will fade the dye. They should also be washed in cold water instead of chucked in with a normal wash. The CEO of Levi, Chip Bergh, caused controversy when he claimed people should never wash their jeans.” – Tanya

“My hubby only wears his on weekends and they get washed when they walk themselves to the laundry.” – Stacy

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