Tips to store and organise dirty clothes in the laundry

I have shared with you here how I created a laundry schedule, that’s right a schedule for the laundry, but there is a reasoning to my madness, read more about it here.  This would have to be my #1 top organising tip:

I pre-sort my washing into piles:

  • Darks
  • Colours
  • Whites
  • Other – Tea towels, wash clothes, tablecloths, mop heads etc

How it works

My kids don’t have a dirty clothes basket in their bathroom, there is just no room to store one.  So they put their clothes directly into the laundry baskets, sorting into darks, whites and colours as they go.  They have done this for years and it is such a great help to me.  I have a clothes basket in my room which I empty and sort into these baskets daily.

I find this system takes a lot of time out of the washing process.  I enjoy going into the laundry and without fuss load the washing machine and continue on with whatever I was doing.

Different Laundry Storage Ideas

I used to use this wonderful system below at our old house, it fitted in perfectly between the linen cupboard and the washing machine.

{The Organised Housewife} Organising the dirty laundry 1

If you have the space I recommend you try separating your washing.

Washing Storage and Sorting possibilities could be:

  • A row of baskets or plastic storage containers (this is what we currently have)
  • Antonius frame and wire baskets (similar to my unit) from IKEA
  • I have seen similar frame and wire baskets from Kmart and Big W.
  • Skubb laundry bag from IKEA
  • Mulig laundry bag from IKEA
  • Sorting hampers from Howards Storage World

How do you store your dirty laundry?

Unfortunately, washing is one of those tedious jobs that is never-ending, you think you have found the bottom of the pile, but the next day it’s back! Having a laundry schedule will help you stay in control of your dirty laundry piles. This helps me to make sure the kids always have clean school uniforms. Read more about my laundry schedule here.

{The Organised Housewife} Laundry Wall Art & Schedule - Design 1

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