{Organising} Part 2: Kids Drawings – digital photo frame

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I have shown you how I have a wall featuring some of the kids drawings, today I will show you how to display the remainder of their drawings.

I love the creativity and love that my kids put into each of their drawings and the little notes they write on them, “you are the best mum, I love you”.  How can I throw away a piece of paper that gives so much love?  But, if I kept every bit of paper I’d have a mountain in no time.  Instead, I scan the pictures and add to a digital photo frame which showcases all the drawings they have created along with their school photos.

Step 1

Gather your pile of drawings.

Step 2

Purchase a SD/Memory Card for the photo scanner and digital frame (you will only need one).  Place card into the photo scanner.

Step 3

Scan the drawings.  Placing the drawing facedown, I use a Kaiser Baas Photo Scanner. When scanning I write the kids name and year on a post it note and place on the drawings so I know who created it and when.

Step 4

Rotate all images so they will be displayed the correct direction. This is easily to manipulate in the menu settings.

Step 5

Once finished, remove the SD card from photo scanner and insert into the digital frame.

Step 6

Display frame and enjoy your little ones creations.

{The Organised Housewife} Storing Kids Artwork 2

This would be a fantastic gift to give grandparents, aunts or uncles for Christmas. 

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