{Organising} Part 3: Kids Drawings – Hanging drawings or words of wisdom

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Hanging Kids Drawings

I have mentioned previously that my Miss 8 has low self-esteem and suffers anxiety.  She needs a lot of encouragement and motivation as she finds situations overwhelming.  I made some paintings for her bedroom wall as a gentle reminder each day.

However, I want to also encourage my other children.  I have found a variety of quotes suitable for children (I will share them with you in Saturday’s post) which I display on a hanger (below) in their playroom.  The quote is on their wall for a week or two, then I randomly and unknowingly to the kids change it.  They enjoy finding and reading the new ‘words of wisdom’.   

Simply using a trouser pant hanger I painted white and a 3M Command hook.


You could also use this to display the kids artwork!

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