How to prevent your front loader getting mouldy

Quick tips for a super easy way to prevent mould building up in your front loader washing machine.

Front loader washing machines are renowned for developing mould and bacteria very easily. After use the machine is normally still very damp. An excess of moisture and a buildup of soap scum in a closed machine is the perfect breeding ground for mould growth. Follow my quick tips below every time you use your machine to prevent your front loader from getting mouldy.

How to prevent mould

  1. Do not leave wet clothes to sit in the machine – remove wet clothes promptly.
  2. After use wipe down seal and door to remove any moisture – I keep a microfibre cloth handy for this.
  3. Leave door open – I keep the cloth in the door to prevent it from closing. I also have a habit of closing the door if I see it open, but the cloth triggers me it’s open to dry.
  4. Spray regularly and wipe down with my DIY Washing Machine Spray
Strucket - Soak Strainer Bucket
Microfibre Cloths
wool dryer balls
Wool Dryer Balls

Tips on how to deep clean front loader washing machines. Keeping your washer maintained and cleaned means it runs more effectively and cleans your clothes thoroughly. Continue Reading…


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