Germ-proof your home this winter

Winter has set in here in the sunshine state, not as cold as other states, but still brisk.  I enjoy cozying up with a blanket on the lounge on a cold winter’s night, but the one thing I really dislike about winter is the germs and sickness that always visits.  Sadly the kids are already coming home from school with sore throats and I visited friends the other day who all had the sniffles, it has started already.

Germs can easily be picked up and brought into the home without you even knowing it.  They then spread and make their way around the whole family. During winter I add a few extra tasks to my daily to-do list to help me keep onto the spreading of germs, only a few minutes a day of wiping particular areas will help to keep your home happy and healthy. You will be surprised where these little creatures like to lurk.

Visit Dettol’s Mission for Health website to read the 13 Germ-proofing must do’s in your home.

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