How Getting Organised Can Save You Money

This is a guest post by Prerna, from The Mom Writes 

One of the most common reasons, folks, like you and me, put organising projects on the back-burner is because it’s considered expensive. You know, buying containers, getting labels, installing organisers and more.

However, what if I told you that getting organised can actually save you plenty of money? Yes, and you can then use that money saved to get that pretty organiser you’ve been eyeing!


Here’s how to get started for free and save money as well:

1. Cut Clutter

Involve the family in this and ask every member to pick at least 3 items that they no longer need or use. Clothes, toys, books, gadgets, sporting equipment, craft or hobby supplies. The list is long and if you have a family of 4, you’ll have at least 12 items to begin with.

Add to this other household items that you think can go and you can either have a small garage sale or a nice bundle of things that you can sell on eBay, Gumtree or any thrift store and earn some nice latte money as well.

2. Read Your Bills

The next time you get your phone or Internet bill, don’t just pay it up. Read it and analyse it to see if you’re being charged for services you don’t need or don’t use. Chances are you will be.  Call up your phone or Internet service provider and negotiate a better and usually, more cost-effective plan for your family.

3. Organise Bill Payment

Did you know that paying late fees on bills can easily be dealt with by getting organised about paying bills? Yes, it can. At the start of each quarter, sit down with your planner, phone, calendar or notebook. Choose what works best for you as a reminder system. For me, it is a combination of my phone and planner.

Go over ALL the bills that need to be paid every month. Set reminders for them in your phone. Mark the dates in red on your calendar. Jot them down in your planner or household notebook. But make sure you ‘note’ them.

Where possible, set up automatic payments for recurring services. We did that for our insurance payments as well as mobile phone payments. Best thing ever!

We’re busy mamas and if you commit everything to memory, chances are something WILL be forgotten. Let that not be the case with your bills.

4. Use What You Have

Finally, whenever you’re getting organised, before investing in fancy equipment, go through your house and see what could be used to organise, sort and store. For instance, you can easily organise drawer storage with some spare cupcake tins and ice cube trays!

Also, identify your BIG projects and make lists of things you’d need to get them all sorted out. For instance, if you need to organise the laundry room, do you need a laundry basket or two, a shelving unit, a caddy for supplies? Make the list and look at what you already own that can be used. For instance, that spare shelf in the garage can be moved to the laundry room instead and prettied up with a coat of paint, right?

Using what you have is a great way to get organised and save money on organising supplies as well. Sometimes, we have what we need, we just need to look a bit harder for it.

Is the thought of spending money stopping you from getting organised?

Prerna MalikAbout The Mom Writes

Prerna Malik is the owner of The Mom Writes, a site that takes busy mamas from overwhelmed to organised. When she isn’t blogging for a living or running a social media agency with her husband, she’s baking cupcakes with her daughter or organising a closet in her home.  Download her free eBooks on organising and productivity for busy moms and make organising a money-saver right now!

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KezUnprepared June 12, 2013 - 2:41 PM

This is all so true. Such wonderful advice. My husband and I felt like we were struggling on just a single income (I’m a SAHM). We would feel ‘poor’ (we are actually very fortunate people but we had trouble paying all the bills plus the mortgage) all the time and it even caused stress between us! After some counselling we decided we needed to budget better. It was very empowering for me to organise the family budget and now we have so much more to spend – nothing goes missing! We’ve found money we didn’t know we had. I do it fortnightly, to allow for unexpected expenses – takes me a few minutes (once you get a system it is quick and easy). It’s a game changer! We’re slowly getting more organised in the other areas of our lives as a result 🙂

Katrina June 17, 2013 - 11:48 AM

We budget as well and I completely agree after doing a budget really helps work out how the money should be spent. Before we budget we also look at what we spend our money on and how we can save in that area.

Natalie June 12, 2013 - 10:39 PM

Budgeting does help with feeling in control of your life. I highly recommend You Need A Budget ( for a great philosophy to change the way you work with money and it has great support tools for those scared of budgeting 🙂

Katrina June 17, 2013 - 11:45 AM

Thank you for sharing Natalie

naomi June 23, 2013 - 3:19 PM

being organised and knowing where things are saves money and hassle. i have 3 cans of waterproofing spray for shoes at home… because i couldn’t find them/didn’t have a place for them so then brought more when i couldnt find them!

Karen January 23, 2015 - 12:57 PM

I had to laugh at this. I recently cleaned out my pantry and baking cupboard and found FOUR boxes of rice flour! Seriously I only use it at Christmas time and now I have enough for about 20 years!

Alex November 11, 2014 - 10:06 PM

I found a great way for a very quick (once set up) budget, was to set up a spreadsheet, months at the top, expenses down the side. Start with the essentials and work through to hobbies. I put a rough (over, always over) estimate of how much each expenses will cost, in the month it’s due, with an annual total at the end, with annual total of all expenses at the bottom of that. If you set it up properly you can change one amount, and the whole table will adjust. You can then set up another, or just work out, if you divide that by the amount of pays you receive per year, then you know how much you need to set aside. Personally, I set up an automatic transfer into a separate ‘bill paying’ account. That way there are no direct debits, and I always know there’ll be enough in that account to cover it!

Jude June 23, 2015 - 10:10 AM

Tuesday night is our budget night now using a home-made Excel spreadsheet. I enjoy entering the details together now.
Withdrawing cash weekly for groceries really helps me.
We changed insurances (easy process) and are saving $100 per month on car/H&C.
Over 12 months we have managed to work through most spending areas and are continuing to add more savings to our budget as we make more changes so this process will continue to save us more.
The children are less demanding and in the big picture we have good food, clothes and a home and by adjusting our lifestyle we are able to spend time together. I would highly recommend budgeting especially to others like me who aren’t much into financial stuff and not to give up if it seems a bit depressing at first!

Kate - Kat's Assistant June 26, 2015 - 8:47 AM

I love how you budget Jude! I too love doing my budget every week. And i think it is fantastic you have looked into your insurances, so important! x

Jen @lifewrangling February 27, 2016 - 11:05 PM

Before I became organised I could spend ages looking for something I needed, give up and go buy a new one, only to find the old one 3 days later. After drastically decluttering and organising my cupboards I now very rarely have that problem.


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