5 household cleaning chores to be done every few months

There are a few household cleaning tasks that need to be done daily and weekly, however, some are OK to leave to complete every few months.  I’ve broken them down into easy to follow steps to help you make it a little easier.

Do you find the idea a little daunting and have so much to declutter, clean and organise and are unsure where to start? I can help by simplifying your cleaning processes and systems in your home so you can use them whenever you want, however you want without having to invest in expensive equipment or supplies.

What would it be worth to you and your family if:

  • You wake up and you walk through the uncluttered hallway to a kitchen that welcomes you with clean countertops and a spotless sink.
  • You look around the living room and smile contentedly. With floors free of sticky spots, unidentifiable liquids {is that the dog or the baby?!} and the dreaded Lego legion.
  • Clean laundry neatly folded and ready to be put away and wardrobes that make getting ready fuss-free.
  • A peep into the refrigerator tells you exactly what to make for breakfast, which you make in minutes, and you also pack the kids’ lunches with time to spare.
  • Ready-for-school, the kids walk into the lounge room, their faces happy and excited. There’s no whining, squabbling or shoving at the table and everyone has everything that they need so you are out of the door, well ahead of time, and with no embarrassing stains or spots on your clothes.
  • You’re no longer stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed and you are enjoying your home and new-found calmness.
  • Yes, it’s possible!

When it comes to regularly cleaning your home, there are some jobs that need to be done daily (dishes, laundry, making the bed) while others can be completed on a weekly basis (vacuum, changing sheets, scrubbing the shower). Then there are chores that should be completed every few months in order to keep your home clean. These tend to be the forgotten areas or bigger household chores. Below I’ve listed some household chores I do every few months.

Washing Walls

I know that washing your walls is a tedious job, and can be overlooked, but it is important to wipe them down and clean. Mould, scuff marks and general wear and tear marks can build up and make your house not just look rundown, but your walls can also hold bad bacteria in them and could be dangerous for your family. If you have little kids, no doubt they’re constantly touching the walls with dirty fingers, you’ll also find this in high traffic areas of the home too. Clean every 3 months.

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Cleaning Cornices & Skirting Boards & De-cobwebbing Ceiling

Skirting boards, ceilings and cornices are always forgotten within the regular cleaning routine. If leftover time dust builds up and those little spiders love to leave cobwebs in the corners and around the ceiling. Clean every 3 months.

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Clean ceilings. Spring clean.

Cleaning Under the Couch

This task could probably be completed every month, but my couch takes a lot of effort to move to vacuum under so I leave it longer! If you have pets, it is definitely a job you need to keep on top of. The best way to do this, is to move the couch out of the way and vacuum up all the dust bunnies. Clean 2-3 months.

Clean under couch. Spring cleaning.

Washing the Washing Machine

It may sound funny to wash your washing machine, but it will keep your washing machine in good working order. Gunk tends to build up and eventually clogs your washing machine or smears onto the clothes or linens. Clean every 3 months.

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How to clean the washing machine. Spring clean chores.

Dust the top and behind the fridge

When was the last time you dusted the top of your fridge?  This is one I easily forget because I’m short and don’t notice the dust build up.  But it does settle there and gets quite grimy because of the oils from cooking in the kitchen. Clean every 2 months.

Clean the kitchen. Chores to declutter and organise.

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