How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Do you know how to clean makeup brushes? Are you guilty of neglecting them? This is a super easy way to clean them, once a week and will only take you 5 minutes! It might shock you to see how much makeup comes out!

Between all the contouring, highlighting, blush and foundation application, our makeup brushes can build up with dirt and oils. This build-up can lead to bacteria growth, acne breakouts, and more not so nice skin issues. Regular cleaning of your makeup brushes can also extend their lifespan. So let’s give them a clean to remove makeup, dirt and oils.

scrub daddy

I use a Scrub Daddy sitting on a Daddy Caddy (to stabilise it) to clean my brushes. Alternatively, for a gentler approach, you could use a glass or a makeup cleaning pad.  

  1. Dampen scrub daddy with warm water.
  2. Squeeze a dollop of gentle shampoo onto scrub daddy (or into a glass filled with warm water).
  3. Rinse the bristles under water, avoid getting water above the handle of the brush.
  4. Gently swirl your brushes in the shampoo, changing direction every so often, gently massaging the bristles to remove any makeup and oil build up.  
  5. Rinse under a tap of running water, being sure to angle your brush/bristles down so you are not damaging the base of the bristles. 
  6. Repeat steps above if the water doesn’t run clean. 
  7. Gently squeeze out any excess water
  8. Re-shape brush to original shape.
  9. Lay flat to completely dry.

Repeat above steps if the water doesn’t run clean.  It may take a couple of go’s depending on how long it’s been since you’ve washed your brushes.

scrub daddy

IMPORTANT: When cleaning your brushes avoid getting water above the handle of the brush as this may affect the glue holding the bristles in place. 

cleaning makeup brushes
scrub daddy caddy
Scrub Daddy Caddy
Scrub Daddy
Scrub Daddy - Blue
Toothbrush Holder

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