{Inspiring} Printable Resources for kids learning

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Finishing up this week on back to school posts I wanted to share with you some great resources I have found on the web.  All my 3 kids are very different academically, some of my finds help them to understand what they are learning at school in a relaxed home environment.

 This would have to be my favourite printable as learning to tell time can be a struggle.  I printed the sheets and we use to play ‘time concentration’, also can be printed back to back and used as flash cards.


Image credit: www.loryevanspage.blogspot.com

Below you will find some other ‘resources’ that may inspire you.

More resources for kids learning

Learning Charts, Verb, Noun & Adjective

find more details here


find more details here

Times Tables

find more details here

 Handwriting worksheets

Download from:  Handwriting Worksheets

Multiplication songs and tricks to help kids remember

Download from:  Ginger Snaps

Common words spelt various ways

Download from:  English Channel

Helps to remember how to write b and d the right way

Download from:  Come together kids

Reading prompts to help writers block

Download from:  What the teacher wants

Really helpful maths puzzle

Download from:  Relentlessly fun, deceptively educational

Inspire them with a print on the wall

Available from: ParadaCreations

Wish I knew this at school, I’ll keep this for when my kids are learning about pie

image credit

Do you use any online learning resources/Printables?  


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