Create a Home Storm Kit To Prepare For Storm Season + FREE Printables!

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Prepare your home, family, children and pets for storm season with a FREE printable Storm Plan and Pre-Storm Checklist.

Severe storms can hit at the most unexpected times so it certainly pays to be prepared, and with summer just around the corner there really is no time like the present! Are you and your family storm ready?

Prepare for storm season with free printable storm checklist

Watching the recent devastation of local fires showed me how important it is to be prepared for natural disasters. It also made me realise that I don’t have a plan for these things. So with the storm season nearly upon us, I decided to do pull up my sleeves, do some research, and make a plan… and of course, share it with all of you too! I also shared some tips with Channel 9 news, you can see this below!


Getting your home and family storm ready well before the storms hit, could literally be a lifesaver! Preparation is key, and can save a whole lot of drama later. Here are a few tasks you can do before storm season:

  • Clear out your gutters
  • Store or weigh down loose objects in your yard
  • Trim trees around the home and hire a contractor to clear trees near powerlines
  • Ensure all important documents are stored in sealable plastic bags (e.g. insurance policies, birth certificates, passports etc) and at easy reach to grab if you need to leave
  • Check insurance policy is current, up-to-date and covers storms
  • Take photos or video of everything of value in your home and upload to a cloud drive
  • Program each emergency contact’s number into all family member’s mobile phones
  • Prepare your storm kit
  • Tell everyone where the kit is located

I’ve created a Pre-Storm Checklist that will help step you through your preparation for storm season, including a checklist of what to include in your own Home Storm Kit.

My Pre-Storm Checklist will make sure you and your family are adequately prepared for when those skies decide to open up.

Stay safe during storm season be prepared

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There are a few things you can do in the hours before and during a storm that will help everyone stay safe and calm, and that’s where my Storm Plan comes into play. I would recommend laminating my storm plan printable list and putting it on the fridge or inside the pantry for easy reference when needed most.

  • Turn fridge and freezer to the highest setting in hours before storm hits and fill empty spaces with water bottles ¾ full
  • Secure down loose items outside (e.g. outdoor furniture, trampolines, kid’s toys), or bring them indoors
  • Charge all electrical devices (e.g. phones)
  • Ensure your car is full of petrol and parked under shelter
  • Ensure pets are safe
  • Listen to advice of local authorities

Storm plan printable to be ready for storm season


Your emergency communication numbers outlined on this Storm Plan will help the whole family know who to call, what to do, and how to reconnect in the event of a severe storm.

  • Keep kids calm and distracted with board games, cards, books, and essential oils
  • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances if there is lightening or loss of power
  • Keep up to date with the latest information by monitoring the radio, television or internet

TIP: Make the kids aware of where the emergency kit is, your storm plan checklist, the emergency numbers included on it, and what they should do in the event of a severe storm or emergency. It’s good for the kids to know what to do, should you need their help.

How to prepare a storm kit for storm season

Keep The Kids Calm – Storms can be really scary for children, and they will look to the adults for reassurance. Here’s a few ideas that will help to replace their fear with (hopefully!) a whole lot of fun instead:

  • Make a game of counting the seconds between the lightening and thunder to see how far away the storm is – educating children on what a storm is can help alleviate the fears bouncing around inside their heads.
  • Get out the glow sticks – these are especially great for when there is a blackout!
  • Play cards, a board game or do a puzzle to keep them distracted.
  • Build a cubby house under the kitchen table with sheets.
  • Make shadow puppets on the wall.
  • If they feel cooped up and need to move, let them play with a small bouncy ball.
  • Read a book together.
  • If your child is anxious or stressed, use a roller bottle of calming essential oils to relax them.

Stay Safe – Make sure the whole family knows to stay away from storm drains and fallen wires, and that everyone knows where your list of emergency contact numbers can be found.


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