1 year no softdrink… so proud of myself!!

I have just celebrated one year of not drinking any softdrink!!  I was addicted to Coke, I could easily of had between 2-4 cans a day. I have had a sip or two in this time of lemonade and I twisted my face and passed the glass back each time, it was far too sweet.  Now all I drink is water, coffee or homemade juice, I don’t feel the need for anything more.  I am truly proud of myself for quitting Coke and not having a sip of it for a full year… it has been hard but I am so much better for it!!


image courtesy of Melissa Pratt Photography, sequin top from Sorbet

It was March 2013 that made the huge decision to have Gastric Sleeve surgery, you can read why I made this choice here.  I had my surgery on 6th June 2013 and to date I have lost 38kg (and feeling fantastic!).  Sadly I have been on a plateau for most of 2014.  When the kids started school back in January and I remember being so close to my next goal of 40kg, I had only 5 kg to go, now 3 months later I still have two kilos to lose, losing that 3kg was hard work I can only imagine this next two will be harder again.  In the beginning my weight loss was fast, but this last few months has been frustrating, I was actually hoping to be at my ultimate goal of 50kg already.

I say frustrating, because I’m not good at being patient, however I’m not disappointed that I haven’t reached my ultimate goal either.  I don’t mind that I am losing it slowly and I have the faith that I will, but obviously to get through this plateau something needs to change.  I do two personal training sessions plus two early morning bootcamp sessions each week, I know I’m exercising enough, so maybe I need to concentrate more on my food intake.  Over the next few weeks I am going to try the following:

  • Drink plenty of water, I know I don’t drink enough
  • Avoiding processed and refined foods such as bread and pasta
  • Read the labels, limit the number of preservatives and additives
  • Less fats, no fried foods
  • Less sugar
  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

My food diary

I am terrible at remembering to take my vitamins each day and there are days that my energy levels are really low.  I have created this food diary printable so I can write down the food I have eaten and then at the end of the day if my energy levels are low look back and see what may have been the cause, perhaps something I have eaten, or I forgot my vitamins??

{The Organised Housewife} Food Diary promo


Click here to visit shop 600WI am so determined to reach my 40kg goal by 6th June, fingers crossed I can reach it!!

What food or drink have you given up to improve your health?

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