Kitchen storage idea for cups and drink bottles cupboard

I have a cupboard in the kitchen dedicated to all our glasses, cups and drink bottles. Previously it has suited us well, however now that I have started drinking coffee I find myself having to get on the floor to get the cups at the back of the cupboard.  If I could I would change a lot of aspects of our kitchen, but unfortunately I can’t so I need to come up with a solution working with what we have.  Ultimately I wanted something that I can easily access the back of the cupboard.


Top shelf, right, I have the drinking glasses, left, I have the kids plastic drinking cups.  On the bottom shelf, right, coffee mugs, on the left we have our drink bottles.


I spied these Simple Human Cabinet Organisers at Howards Storage World and I knew they would suit perfectly.  The are a pull out system that is securely and easily installed to your cabinet shelf.  It is heavy-duty, with adjustable dividers so you can be changed to suit your needs.  The tray can be easily removed for cleaning.  They come in 3 different sizes to suit all cupboard types.

Drawers easily pull out and because they are secured they won’t tip over.

Much tidier now!


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