{Declutter} Nail Polish

Do you have a few extra bottles of nailpolish that you thought looked really pretty at the supermarket, purchased it, used it and it just wasn’t the right colour and now wonder what to do with it?  (Yes that’s me, I brought black nailpolish to wear to a concert I went to last year, it looked so wrong on my fair freckly hands).  Today I would like you to declutter your nailpolish collection, give away or throw away the ones you don’t use and that have dried up.

Here are 6 tips on what you can use old nailpolish for:

  1. Use clear nailpolish to repair runs in your stockings
  2. Give to the kids to use during art and craft time
  3. Use to mend holes in flyscreens
  4. Paint a different colour on each of your key’s to help you identify easily.  Eg, pink front door, red garage door, blue your mum’s house etc.
  5. Put some nailpolish on the frayed end of a shoe lace, it should then make it easier to thread and prevent it from fraying further.
  6. Give to a little girl who would love to paint her nails!

I paint my toe nails all the time, it is very rare to see my toe nails nude.  Apart from getting my haircut this is my only kind of pamper.  As you can see in the photo, reds and pinks are my favourite colour 🙂  I store my nailpolish in this little plastic basket.



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