How The Kids Can Create Calm School Mornings + Nights!

HEAPS of instantly printable routine charts that will take the stress and chaos out of school mornings and nights in your home – whatever your child’s age!

As my kids were growing up I found myself repeating the same things over and over.  This is when my love of charts started.  Instead of me constantly saying the same thing over and over, I created some pretty useful printable charts that encouraged my children to take a little ownership and responsibility and independence around the home. After all, creating a calm and stress-free home environment amidst the busy-ness of a school term should be a joint effort!

Are you tired of asking your children to do things a hundred times?

Below is my HUGE range of affordable and instantly downloadable charts that will inject calmness into your day – from the moment your kids open their eyes in the morning, until your precious little babies shut their eyes again at nightfall. These charts can be laminated, framed or simply blu-tac’ed to the wall and because they can be printed instantly, you can literally wake up tomorrow to a calmer less stressful home environment.

Start The Day… But Not Too Early!

Stay in bed chart – I made this chart to help inspire the kids to stay in bed at night after lights out, but you can use it as an incentive to keep them in bed longer in the mornings.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: I Will Stay In Bed Reward Chart

Organise The Morning

Morning routine chart – Create a routine using charts to help remind the kids of what tasks are required. eg. brush teeth before getting dressed so toothpaste doesn’t spill on their uniform.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Kids Routine Charts – Morning

Help kids get organised on school mornings with morning routine chart

Morning Task Chart – Streamline your morning by creating a checklist of tasks that need to be completed each morning to help you get out the door on time.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Morning Task Chart – great for kids that love stickers!

Morning sticker task for school kids to get organised

Is everything packed?

Have you packed? – A chart to visually remind your child what they need to pack in their bags each morning before leaving the house. I used to have this displayed next to where the kids school bags hung on the wall when they were younger.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Have You Packed? Charts

Plan Transport

Transport Planner – Take the confusion out of school pick up and drop off’s with our transport planner it is designed to help you know how the children are getting to and from school each day.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Transport Planner – great for families with multiple kids who use different modes of transport.

Transport planner help kids with school transport

Organise The Afternoon

Afternoon Routine Chart – A chart to help remind the kids of tasks that are required each afternoon before dinner.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Kids Routine Charts – Afternoon

A4 framed afternoon routine chart for children's bedroom

Get Homework Done

Reading Chart – A chart to encourage your child to read each day.  Each block of time your child reads they can place a sticker on the star, then they will receive a reward, like a new book.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: My Reading Chart – great for the younger kids!

Encourage child to read with my reading chart

Homework Planner – Help the older kids organise their homework schedule, planning enough time for each subject over the week.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Homework Planner – great for the older kids!

Homework planner for tween and teenage school children

Organise The Evening

Evening Routine Charts – Bedtime can be a stressful time of the evening for the whole family, with young ones being tired, throwing tantrums or just plain refusing to go to bed. It doesn’t have to be that way; create a routine for the kids to learn what is required.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Kids Routine Charts – Evening

Printable A4 Evening routine for kids and children

Evening Task Chart – Put some routine into your evenings by creating a checklist of tasks that need to be completed before bedtime to help your child settle for the evening.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Evening Task Chart – great for kids that love sticker charts!

Evening routine task to teach kid to do jobs

Remind them to clean!

Brushing Teeth Chart – Use these charts to keep track and encourage the kids to brush their teeth each day. This is an editable file, after purchase you can type your child’s name onto the chart.

  INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Brushing Teeth Chart – to cover teeth brushing both morning and night!

Teach child to brush teeth with printable brushing chart

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How to create stress-free school mornings

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Ideas of what to do while waiting at school pick up

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A4 Weekly Planner Pad by The Organised Housewife


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