Task 2 – Declutter 52 Things in 52 Weeks Challenge – The Plastics Drawer/Cupboard in the Kitchen

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Decluttering Task #2

The Plastics Drawer/Cupboard in the Kitchen

I used to find that this was one drawer/cupboard that I struggled to keep tidy… the plastics; otherwise known as the Tupperware cupboard. I’ve worked out that when someone’s in a rush and is putting away the clean dishes, some of the items get thrown in the wrong spot, and it becomes a mess and gets out of control.

The key to keeping it organised is to remind yourself that it only takes a few extra seconds to put items in their correct place, which helps the cupboard to stay tidy. However, when you have too many plastic containers, it makes it hard to keep everything organised.  Having only necessary containers on hand will help you keep everything tidier, organised, and easier to find and put away the next time.

Keeping the kitchen cabinets tidy can be an endless battle especially if the kids are helping to put away the clean dishes. However, if you make defined spaces for crockery, plastics, cutlery etc this will help the family place everything back into the right spot. Here is a look inside some of my kitchen cupboards.


Note: My definition of a purge – sell, donate, repurpose or throw away items as you see fit!!

  • Look at your cupboard and see what storage solutions aren’t working, eg lids all over the place, baking dishes not stacking properly.
  • Remove everything from the cupboard and group like-items together.  Eg, baking dishes together, lunch boxes together etc.
  • Determine what items you haven’t used in over 12 months and consider purging them.
  • Add any new and/or your current storage products into your cupboard to help you keep it organised.
  • Place items you don’t use often towards the back.
  • When placing items back into the cupboard, keep group items together.
  • I like to keep lids with the containers.

  READ MORE: How to Organise Kitchen Cabinets to see how I organise all my cupboards and drawers.

How many items have you been able to purge today?

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