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I’m in awe of Naomi from Seven Cherubs (that’s right she has 7 children).  I have only had the pleasure of meeting her twice, at the Aussie Bloggers Conference earlier this year and again last week.  Both times she constantly had a smile shining on her face and phone in hand tweeting…lol, she amazes me as i just don’t understand twitter.

Last month I started taking part in Naomi’s Happiness Project, to write one sentence a day of what you are happy and/or grateful for.  I started this project, but sadly didn’t finish as it honestly slipped my mind as I took time away from the computer to spend with visiting family.

Here is my happiness journal:

10th April

Love, today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary, I am so deeply in love with my hubby, love him for spoiling me and making me feel so special

11th April

Joy, to have the opportunity to spend the day with Miss 6 on her school excursion…I learnt she is adores her best friend, she is a leader, is bossy and loves animals

12th April

Bliss, is when you can take a moment, close your eye’s, hear nothing and enjoy what is around you

13th April

Pamper, to me now is painting my toenails, gone are the day’s of massages and facials…I love having my toes look gorgeous and colourful!

14th April

Cheer, when working in my office, I can hear screams and cheers of excitement at 10.45am every morning when the school bell rings for playtime…kids are always so happy

15th April

Order, finally taking a well deserved break away from blogging and getting the house back into order makes me feel calmer

16th April

Playful, watching the kids laughing and playing together outside in the glorious sunshine

17th April

Awesome, is the definition of my hubby for being a such a great father to our kids, today spending time at the movies, skate park and playing at home, perfect

18th April

Comedy, we have started watching a hilarious TV series, Big Bang Theory, I love how it makes me laugh out loud

19th April

Rest, I love school holiday’s for the restful lazy mornings, we can sleep in as long as we desire

20th April

Caution, I’m glad the kids show caution when bike riding or skateboarding down hills, keeps my stress levels low

21st April

Enjoying, time with the kids decorating the house, completing crafts and cooking yummy treats for Easter…I love their innocence and ability to believe in the Easter Bunny

22nd April

Today, does not bring us much happiness, today is the day we hear that we have lost Paul.  Very loved Uncle, taken away from us too young, he will forever be in our hearts.

Thankyou Naomi, I really loved writing this!


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