Lego Sorting and Organising Labels

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

I’m so pleased you all enjoyed the Lego sorting and organising posts that I shared last week.  Lego storage and organising ideas for a boys bedroom and more Lego Storage ideas

As I mentioned each child and family like to store their Lego differently.  Either all together in a bucket, sorted by colour or by set.

I haven’t label Mr 9’s lego drawers as they are see through and it’s easily recognisable to him what belongs where.  However, for a child a little younger he may like these labels I created below.

This pack includes colour labels, set labels (eg. Star Wars, Toy Story, Ninjago) and labels for accessories such as legomen and wheels along with extra blank labels.  Print these labels, cut them out and laminate or tape onto your containers.

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