5 steps to clear your clutter

When your cupboards and drawers are overflowing, here are my 5 tips to clear the clutter so you can restore calm to your home.

5 steps to clear your clutter

Acknowledging that you have clutter and need to make some changes is the biggest step of all. Clutter can be anything from overfilled drawers, too many clothes in the wardrobe to a room filled from floor to ceiling with things you may consider special. 

My Mum was a hoarder (she had rooms filled with ‘precious stuff’ floor to ceiling) and she struggled immensely with purging as she felt that she would one day need it, despite not having a purpose for it at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, my Mum passed away, leaving my dad, brothers and I to go through it all. 

Whilst I have my home organised and don’t collect too many things, I do understand the pain that comes with parting with items that you believe are special to you. I know how much my Mum’s clutter affected her mindset and happiness, which is why I really want to help others to make a home a place that they enjoy. 

I’ve shared 5 steps to help you start to clear your clutter – they aren’t steps on how to organise the space, but steps on how to make a start.

1. Get organised

To start decluttering you will need a few things:

Gather together four baskets, bins, bags or storage containers and label each… charity, sell, rubbish, keep. I have a set of these labels available here.

Have these on hand so that you can throw out the rubbish and hand items to charity straight away.

Help prevent overwhelm by looking at the room, area, cupboard/drawer and create a to-do list of everything you want to do, achieve, clean or buy before you start.

SORTING LABELS:  Use these labels to label your areas/storage containers to help organise, purging excess items and throwing away rubbish.

Divide your clutter amongst the labelled boxes, when each one is full transfer to a garbage bag.  Place rubbish directly into the bin. Place charity bags in the garage ready for a trip to the charity store/bin.

If your ‘Sell’ box contains items that you would like to sell on  Facebook MarketplaceeBay or Gumtree, list these items before you start the next room. 

Remember to finish one area before you start another. When you have finished the room, unpack the ‘Keep’ box designating each item to its new home.

4. Stay motivated

Clearing the clutter will boost your mood and you will start to feel energetic and be more positive about the direction of your household. You may even find it becoming addictive! You will start to feel a lot more relaxed living in an uncluttered house.

5. Stay in control

Keep on top of your clutter, don’t allow it to take over your life again. When bringing a new object into the room/area/draw, create a home for it. Always return all items back to their home. Soon it will become a habit, and you will find it a lot easier to find your belongings.


  • If you haven’t used it within 6-12 months, more than likely you won’t use it, donate to charity.
  • If it gives you negative feelings or makes you feel sad, donate to charity.
  • If something has sentimental value but it’s in a box in the top of your wardrobe, more than likely it will stay there. You are not attached to the object you are attached to the memory of the person that gave you the object. Give it to charity or somebody you know that will cherish the item.
  • If it is expired, throw it out.
  • If you have double of items, eg…2 toasters, give one to charity.
  • Out with the old, in with the new. eg. brand new bedsheets = old sheets to charity.
  • Give yourself permission to throw out items that are rarely used.
  • Old toys and games can be donated to the local childcare centre.

If you know you need to make some changes in your home, be proud that you’ve read this…that is a fabulous start!

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