Storage solutions for organising the pantry

There are times when something happens in our lives and we need to take time out from our normal routines.  This is perfectly OK and much needed, however I found myself digging a deeper hole each time I saw my chaos, I am trying to get back into my normal routine and sorting my pantry has been my first task.  As I mention in the video it frazzled me (yes I know sounds silly, but it’s true) I couldn’t find anything and if you have been a reader for some time now you would know I like to keep my pantry tidy and organised and this certainly was not. I am sure cereal was going stale and when going shopping I wasn’t sure what I needed as I couldn’t see properly on the shelves, it needed my attention.

I have put together this video to show you storage solutions that helped to organise my pantry.  I create particular areas on the shelves for certain groups of items such as oils & sauces, spreads, baking items, cereal etc.

Product List:

All these items can be found at Howards Storage World, online or instore.

  • Plastic tub with wheels – stores our recycling
  • Baskets – excess packets of food and lunch boxes
  • Mimi wide seprator – packets of biscuits
  • Mimi wide seprator – packets of biscuits
  • Mimi narrow seprator – packets of biscuits
  • Alfoil/gladwrap storage – from a home delivery catalogue you find at your door (sorry can’t remember which one)
  • Lazy susan turntable – placed in the corner stores cans and jars
  • White expanding shelf – narrow to use for kids flavoured drink tins with coffee and tea stored underneath
  • Medium Roll out Shelf – to store the bread
  • Large White Shelf – stores our spreads and tinned fruit
  • Cadi Large Stackable Org Basket – for the bottles of oil and sauces
  • 1L Clear Stacking Canister – choc melts, candles
  • 1.5L Clear Stacking Caniser – cooking cutters
  • Mini Canisters in clear – for our curry & stock powder, 100 & 1000’s etc,  I have 4 sets
  • Chrome Stackable shelves – I used in the corner but then replaced with the clear stackable canisters
  • Spice racks – for food colourings and spice bottles

An Organised Pantry!

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