2015 Back to School Organising and Tip Series

2015 back to school tips and ideas series

During the month of January I slowly prep the kids and home in preparation for back to school.  I will be sharing a month long series of posts filled with loads of tips and ideas so you are ready for Day 1 of school, including freezable lunchbox ideas, storage solutions, printable charts to help you create routines and so much more.

I want this series to help you.  Use these tips to adapt them to suit your home and kids!

This year all my kiddies are starting at a new school, which is really exciting, the twinnies in high school and youngest starting Year 5, so we are purchasing full sets of new uniforms, book packs and more, labelling 101 items!

NEW – Coffee Chat

Over the years I have always enjoyed coffee conversations with other mums, learning their family routines.  Each day through the series I would like to ask the community a question on facebook and/or instagram, just like a coffee chat that may help you to create routines or organise areas in your home.  And on the flip side, your answers to the chat questions may really help a mum or dad that are struggling in the home or creating routines.  Chat questions could be:

  • what time do your kids go to bed on a school night
  • do you make your kids do chores before school
  • do your kids watch tv on school days

Please leave a comment for both these below:

  1. A ‘coffee chat’ question to ask the community.
  2. What areas of Back to School you would like to read about in the series, this will help me create content that will help you.

coffee chat with The Organised Housewife


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