How to stop apples from going brown

Apples are a healthy snack for kids school lunches and they always seem to eat more of the apple if it’s cut up for them. Then there’s the dreaded browning of the apple, which no kid likes. Here are some great tips to stop this from happening:

how to stop apples from going brown 600

  • Always use a sharp blade to cut an apple, an apple cut up with a sharp blade will brown less than an apple cut with a dull or serrated blade.
  • If you have the space to send a full apple, cut the apple up in the morning and put it back together with a rubber band holding it all in place.
  • Treating the food with an acidic fruit can help to stop browning, you can use lemon juice, lime juice, pineapple or orange juice.
  • If you’re kids don’t like the combination of another fruit flavour on the apple slices, try mixing lemon juice with water. The water dilutes the lemon juice and still works in the same way.
  • Adding the apple to a fruit salad that contains an acidic fruit like orange, will help to stop the browning.
  • Storing the fruit in good airtight lunchbox will also help to prevent the apple slices from turning brown.

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What is your trick to stop apples from browning in lunchboxes?

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