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by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

This post is sponsored by OPSM

The new OPSM Eye Check App is available to download for free from the iTunes App Store (iOS) or Google Play today.

After my youngest was born 8 years ago,  I started experiencing bad headaches.  At times they were quite painful and really hard to cope with, especially when you have small children.  I had 3 children under 2 and just thought the headaches were my body’s way of dealing with the daily stresses of raising young kids. I was very wrong. There came a point that I just couldn’t cope anymore and I made an appointment to get my eyes checked.  It wasn’t until I was sitting in the chair that I pieced everything together with the optometrist.

I started getting headaches around the same time that I started scrapbooking and doing a few cross-stitches for the babies room, which was usually at night-time after the kids went to bed. I was straining my eyes, therefore causing the headaches.  I didn’t realise it at the time, but when I came home after the appointment I could easily tell that I was squinting my eyes to see properly.

Sometimes we just get so busy with everything happening around us that we just ‘put up’ with ailments, rather than focusing on the problem itself.  I wish I didn’t delay in getting my eyes checked, it was as simple as visiting the optometrist, getting a checkup and then realising that my eye sight isn’t great for working up close.  My new glasses helped so much and I find it so much easier to see!

These days it is really easy to see if you need to get your eyes checked, all with the beauty of today’s technology.  As part of its commitment to improving the eye health of all Australians, OPSM has developed a free app to help people get a better understanding of their vision. The OPSM EYE CHECK APP (for iOS or Google Play) takes two – three minutes to complete, and helps Australians to gauge if they may have any issues with near distance, contrast sensitivity, distance vision, astigmatism and colour vision.  There are several types of testing available in the app each checking different elements of your vision. The test takes a few short minutes to complete and gives you a good indication in which area your eyes need to be checked.


Below is the result of my test, my colour vision is poor and I am at high risk because of eye related health within my family history.

Now that a few years have passed my eye sight is declining.  I wear glasses whenever I am in front of the computer, driving at night, doing any work up close with my hands, like sewing.  Ooh and sadly one of my kids had a splinter and I couldn’t get my eyes to focus on it.  I am sure in a few years time I will have to be wearing them on a more permanent basis. Sadly this happens with age. It’s so important to get your eyes checked regularly and ensure they are in good health.

An OPSM study revealed that more than one million Aussies have never had their eyes tested and one in three adults haven’t had a test in the past two years as recommended by optometrists. Regular eye tests are critical for all Australians to check both the health of their eyes and general wellbeing. The misconception is that only those who have corrective eyewear need to have their eyes tested, however eye tests can also pick up on eye diseases such as glaucoma, as well as indicators for broader health issues such as diabetes.

 This innovative app also makes it easy to book an #OPSMEyeCheck at a local OPSM store, so you can choose a day and time that fits perfectly into your schedule

Standard eye tests can be bulk billed for eligible Medicare card holders who haven’t had an eye test in the past two years.

Download the app and share how you got on by hashtagging #OPSMEyeCheck

Disclaimer:  The OPSM Eye Check App is not a substitute for a full test with an optometrist.  Optometrists recommend an eye test at least once every two years or more frequently depending on clinical need. The app is for adults over 18 years of age.

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