Tips on how to keep going when unmotivated

Have you ever planned to clean the house but couldn’t find the motivation? The clock ticks to 3pm and before you know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school or start the evening routine without having crossed anything off your to-do list. What I want to say to you all: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We all procrastinate, lose motivation and struggle now and again. It’s human nature. But let me tell you, the sense of accomplishment when you look at your clean house is well worth pushing through. You need to be your own cheer squad! Here are my tips on how to keep going when feeling unmotivated. Below are some tips not only for tidying your house, but can be used in all aspects of life when you feel you need an extra push.

We all procrastinate, lose motivation and struggle now and again. It's human nature. Here are my tips to on how to keep going when feeling unmotivated. These tips are not only for tidying your house, but can be used in all aspects of life when you feel you need an extra push.

Start with easiest tasks first

There’s no point in tidying the messiest room in the house first. You’ll be turned off and lose energy early on in your cleaning endeavour. Begin with simple tasks and which will help you to build up the courage to tackle the harder tasks later! The sense of accomplishment is contagious and the more jobs you complete, the more motivation you will find.

Set achievable goals

Don’t feel like you need to get everything done in a day. Set yourself realistic goals that you can actually achieve so you don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t get done. By setting attainable goals, you will feel more motivated to complete them.

This would have to be my favourite of all these ideas. I personally have to finish one project before I can start another.

Chip away at it

There’s no point in starting a million things at once. If you take baby steps and make small changes to your home, it will contribute to a bigger picture.  Making small changes might not seem like much at the time. But once all those small changes come into view, you will notice what a big impact they’ve made.

Small changes are good for snippets of time:

  • set the timer for 15 minutes
  • spend 30 minutes after you put bub down on your goal
  • while you are waiting for dinner to cook in the oven

Don’t procrastinate

I know, I know… It’s much easier said than done. But instead of thinking about cleaning the shower for thirty minutes, do it as soon as the thought pops into your head. This way you won’t waste time dreading it and will find you’ll get it done much quicker.

Get others to help

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself! Set chores for your kids to help you out or even ask your friends for a helping hand. Having others there to help can even make the most boring of tasks fun!

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Use affirmations

I love reading quotes and daily affirmations to help inspire and motivate me. I love these Affirmation Quote Cards which are a great mood booster! We can learn a lot from words of wisdom and they can kick start us into gear. Here is one of my favourites:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas Edison

Make a to-do list

There is something so satisfying about crossing out a task on your to-do list. Write daily to-do lists and work through it. You’ll be surprised by how motivated you become simply by wanting to cross off tasks!


My to-do list pad pictured above, is available here.

Play music or podcast

Playing background music or listening to a podcast is an excellent distraction from a tough task. Before you know it, all the bathrooms in the house will be squeaky clean by the time your favourite album has finished! Try listening to The Organised Housewife Motivation Mix on Spotify.

Reward Yourself

Set up a reward system for yourself. It doesn’t have to be going out and buying a car after you’ve tidied the whole house (although, that would be nice present)… it can be as simple as a cup of coffee after the bathroom is clean. Little pleasures like this can motivate us to finish.

Some readers from our Facebook community suggested these tips to stay motivated:

Set a timer for 15 minutes a day, or even 10. Hopefully then it won’t feel so overwhelming. – Lise

Need motivation? Empty your kettle/jug and then fill it with cold water…turn it on…See how much you can do before the jug boils! Reward yourself with a hot cup of tea/coffee/milo.   – Charlene

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