Favourite Board Games To Play With The Kids

Remember all those childhood games you used to play at home as a family? It’s time to bring good old fashioned board games back into your home and bond as a family over a game or two. 

I remember as a child playing games like Monopoly and Scrabble. They were some great times, and some of my fondest memories are playing card games with my grandparents and extended family whenever we visited. It was great for bonding, and I’ve continued this with my kids. When they were younger we always played board games, as they grew up we used to do it every Sunday afternoon, and now that they are social teenagers we still try and do it once a fortnight – either a fun Friday night or Sunday afternoon. I hope they continue after they move out of home and that they come home for dinners and board game nights often.

We have certainly accumulated a lot of board games of the years!

Favourite board games in my house

There is nothing better than playing a good game together at the dining table where you all get a break from technology. I find it sad that there are so many families who don’t bond over a good old fashioned board game these days. Too many of our kids spend way too much time either on their phones, online googling, posting selfies on social media pages or playing way too many hours on the Xbox or PlayStation. Get back to basics and try some of these classics that are still around today, and provide you hours of fun. The whole family loves our game nights – even Zoe even sits up with us!

Favourite family board games

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These are some of my favourite games I play frequently with the kids now as teenagers and that I recommend.  If you’re wanting to expand your board game collection, I would recommend starting with these ones:

The Logo Board Game 2nd EditionThe Logo Board Game

This game has a lot of old school logos in it which I love because they are all blasts from the past! It reminds me of things I haven’t thought about in a long time.

  GET HERE: The Logo Board Game

5 Second Rule Board Game5 Second Rule Game

This game is hard, but lots of fun. It’s fast paced and makes you think. My family and I fight and laugh a lot when we play. It’s a short game though, so is over quickly.

  GET HERE: 5 Second Rule Game

Codenames game for kids and familiesCodenames Games

This is our newest favourite. It is better with pairs than odd numbers, and again is a thinking game. It’s great for kids and adults, and makes you realise how much you do or don’t know your partner or children.

  GET HERE: Codenames Games


Pictionary board game for children and parentsPictionary

We have certainly worked out who has drawing talent and who lacks a little ability in our family, and we always have a good laugh over the drawings. It’s an all round fun and entertaining game.

  GET HERE: Pictionary


Mastermind toy game for families and childrenMastermind

This is a great thinking game, but can only be played in twos. The best way I can describe it is a logical sequence thinking game.

  GET HERE: Mastermind Game

Monopoly Empire Board GameMonopoly

Whilst some of my children love monopoly, I am not as big a fan as it takes so long… that was until I found the Monopoly Empire version which is so much shorter! I love it.

  GET HERE: Monopoly

Blokus family board game ideas


This game is played in 4’s, so my family play this one when one of us is out. We actually get very competitive and evil with this game – but all in good humour.

  GET HERE: Blokus

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