Christmas gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Want to give kids something other than toys for Christmas? Here are some great practical, memorable and fun ideas Christmas gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys.

There are lots of reasons to give kids something other than toys for Christmas. If you’re buying for nieces, nephews or friends’ children, it can be a financial help to another family to gift kids practical things or experiences they can enjoy on the holidays.

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for kids that aren’t toys!

an experience

Give them an action-packed day out or a special experience that they can enjoy over the holidays. If you’re giving to a niece or nephew, you might like to offer to take them as well.


Threading beads to make jewellery can keep kids occupied for ages! These popular heishi beads (also known as clay beads) make a super cute and affordable gift.

photo gift

There are lots of photo gift options around now! You can add your own photo to cushions, blankets, calendars, mugs and other items, as well as photo canvases. Some ideas of photo gifts for kids are – 

– their family photo on a cushion
– a canvas wall hanging of them playing sport, dancing, with friends etc
– socks printed with a photo of their pet
– a photobook with photo highlights of their year

teaching clock

Help kids learn to tell the time with a teaching wall clock or alarm clock. These make a colourful addition to any kids bedroom or playroom and are a wonderful learning resource as well.

movie tickets

School holidays are a great time for kids movies at the cinema. Pick up a gift card for a movie theatre nearby.


Whether they’ve grown out of them, worn them out or just need a few options, swimmers are likely to be a welcome gift at Christmas time!

gift card

Choose from a range of fun designs or upload your own photo to personalise your gift card! These gift cards offer fantastic flexibility so the recipient can buy what they like.

lunch box

Get a head start on the back-to-school supplies with a fresh, new lunchbox or lunchbag. Kids often love to reflect their personality in the playground with a fun lunchbox choice.

quilt cover

Update their bedroom with a splash of colour from a new quilt cover. There are lots of gorgeous designs around, such as this quilt cover from Linen House.

investing book

Give them a head start in their financial life with the fantastic book Barefoot Kids from The Barefoot Investor himself. 

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