Organising a bachelor pad pantry

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Pantries can come in all different shapes and sizes, such as this small, drawer pantry. Need a few tips? See how I organised this bachelor pad pantry to make the best use of the space.

Recently, I organised a bachelor pad pantry which was slightly different from the taller pantries I organise. The homeowner and I are very happy with the result!

It’s a different sort of space to work with, so I wanted to show you what I did, as I’m sure there are plenty of other uncommon pantry designs out there too. While I was there, we sorted out the drawers too, so now this bachelor can fit everything in his kitchen and find it too.

Here’s how it looked when we started:

The drawers made it challenging for him to store and find everything. Because the space was small, it was harder to tidily group similar products together.

The first thing I did was remove everything and clean it all out. Then I played with some different storage containers to work out what would fit best in the space.

Here’s the final result, it turned out soooo good!

Here are the products I chose for this pantry.

flip lock food storers

These are the white-lid containers you can see along the back of the top shelf and bottom shelf. They are ideal for storing flour, sugar, rice, pasta, chips, biscuits, cereal and more. I used a variety of sizes including –

1 x Flip Lock Food Storer Square 1.9L 
2 x Flip Lock Food Storer Rectangle 2.5L
2 x Flip Lock Food Storer Square 1.6L
6 x Flip Lock Food Storer Rectangle 1.6L
4 x Flip Lock Food Storer Tall Square 1L

storage boxes

The key to pantry organisation is having seperate compartments and a home for everything. This is so much easier with crystal storage boxes as you can easily see where everything belongs. I created seperate areas for packets, spices, salt/pepper, tins, condiments and oils. I used baskets for the vegetables.

While I was there, I also organised his drawers!

top drawer

His cutlery tray was broken, so I replaced. I chose a wooden cutlery tray as it looks fantastic and is also expandable so can fit in different sized spaces.


second drawer

This is a pretty standard second drawer problem! Lots of awkward shaped utensils make it tricky to keep them organised so you end up with a tangled mess. The key to these sorts of spaces is expandable drawer dividers. They are super easy to install and bring some organisation to the chaos. I also decluttered, purging items he hasn’t used over the last 6 months. 



third drawer

Oh, the third drawer! It tends to be the dumping place for all sorts of kitchen-y things. No matter what you’ve got in your third drawer, most things can be easily organised with crystal storage trays. They give everything a place, which is the key to organising anything!

I also used another drawer divider here to seperate the long utensils from the smaller items. And again purging items that haven’t been used recently. 



There is a wide range of sizes of crystal storage trays available. For this drawer, I used –

6 x Crystal Storage Tray 16 x 8 x 5cm

The total cost for this pantry was $229 and drawer organisation was $154.

Kat’s tip: Want to organise your drawer with crystal trays? The best way to work out what you need is to measure your drawer and work out the best combination of sizes from this range

Expandable Drawer Dividers
Mode Basket
Crystal Storage Tray

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