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without losing your mind, breaking the bank or having a panic attack, even if you have no time, no patience and next to no energy.

Don’t have yet another Christmas where you end up feeling frazzled and breathing a sigh of relief when the “whole thing’s” over! 

  • Have a Christmas that your kids will look back on with fondness and joy.

  • Have a Christmas that may not be Pinterest-worthy but makes you smile contentedly and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Have a Christmas where for once you can actually sit {yes, sit!} back and enjoy the festivities instead of dreading them and stressing over them.

What if I told you that you can have all of that and then some this Christmas and for every Christmas forevermore?


 The easiest way to enjoy a memorable, magical holiday minus the overwhelm, overcommitting and overspending! 

THE ORGANISED CHRISTMAS eCOURSE is the first ever, mum-approved, kid-tested Christmas organising system that lets you keep the spontaneity of the season alive while streamlining your schedule so you can bake, cook, shop and enjoy it all without any stress, overwhelm and near-nervous breakdowns.

With The Organised Christmas, you get easy-to-implement Christmas-related tasks every weekday until 24th of December so you can plan to have a peaceful Christmas, the easy-button way.

Work your way through the eCourse simple and easy activities and ideas to help you stay on top of planning your cooking, baking, shopping, gift-wrapping, memory-making without feeling that you’re wobbling across the Christmas tightrope, poised to fall off and break your neck at any moment!

with the organised christmas, you wilL:



without turning into

Scrooge McDuck

on steroids.



yes, even for the aunt

and the babysitter

you forgot last year



and make sweet memories

with the kids, like baking biscuits, writing letters to Santa. 



just the way you want to and not

go with “more shabby, less chic” as the theme!



and actually, enjoy them! 

Who’d have thought!

THAT’S RIGHT! With The Organised Christmas, you’ll get just what you need to have you singing along with Mariah Carey while you wrap tinsel and lights around the Tree this year.

“Can’t do it without Kat”

Christmas is always turbulant in our household, I have 5 children, look after my elderly mother and work.  I have been following Kat’s Christmas Series for many years now to help me structure and plan Christmas.  It has saved my sanity each year. 


Mum of 5, South Australia



37 days of Christmas Planning Ideas: Each day will have a few bite-sized activities to help you accomplish one or more Christmas goals – cooking, shopping, and creating memories. All tasks are accessible from 4th November so you can jump ahead if you like. 


Hand-picked and Kid tested Christmas Traditions and Gift Ideas: You’ll never be stuck on Pinterest trying to come up with ideas for your Advent Calendar or stocking stuffers or even, movie night!


Easy-to-Make Gift Ideas: Whether you want some sweet gifts for the kids’ friends or teachers and coaches or you want a fun handmade gift {Reindeer beer, anyone?} for a dear friend, you’ll get loads of ideas and how-to’s for all of these!


The Organised Housewife 2019 Christmas Planner: You’ll also get my 83-page printable Christmas planner. 

Since I’ll be referencing pages in the planner throughout the eCourse, having this with you will help you stay on track and organised! The planner will help you create a personalised plan for your Christmas; right from organising the budget to your Christmas photo shoots, your Christmas outfits to when and who you’re sending cards to and buying gifts for and also in planning your Christmas travel and parties and anything else.

Do you find Christmas overwhelming? Please know you’re not alone in feeling exhaustingly stressed about this most ‘magical’ time of the year. You aren’t alone in feeling like the clock’s running out and you can’t catch up. You aren’t alone in feeling as pressured as a pressure cooker at full steam!

1 in 5 Australians feel stressed as a result of restive season activities*

Increased stress over the Christmas period can be associated with financial and time pressure from the costs of buying gifts, entertaining, holidays, and managing competing work-family tensions.**

You aren’t alone… I’m here to help!



Okay, I may be kidding about being Santa’s chief helper, but considering how much I love Christmas, it’s pretty true! 

Like you, I enjoy the cheer, the festivity, the time with family and friends and most importantly, the cooking and baking!

However, it wasn’t always like this. 

I started The Organised Housewife in 2010 to share my journey and tips with friends and family on cleaning, organising and creating a warm and welcoming home.  It soon grew to a community of over half-a-million and counting. 

I’m the first to admit I love a good checklist and chart and you’ll never find me without one or the other!


After plenty of trial and error over the years of being a mum, I created systems that worked for us and since then, have used those foundational principles to keep up with our changing family dynamics.

My husband and I have 3 young teenagers (twins + 1), our Ragdoll cat Millee and gorgeous doggy Zoe!

Christmas just isn’t the same

I enjoyed Christmas as a child, getting together with the family, enjoying a feast and unwrapping gifts.  But as an adult and a mum I find it very overwhelming.  There is so much to do.  I participated in last years eCourse and can easily say that last year was the best Christmas yet.  I had everything ready and planned the week before Christmas and I actually had time to sit and enjoy the company of our visitors rather than frantically cooking in the kitchen.  Thanks Kat, I LOVED this program.  


Mum of 2, New South Wales

Ready to give yourself the gift of peace, calm & contentment this Christmas?

I know that Christmas can be an extremely stressful time for mums



The Cooking

Did I mention… the shopping?! Yes, it can be enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown. And trust me, I’ve been there. I remember when my twinnies were babies I was a mess trying to figure out what to make for Christmas dinner while the house looked like the elves decided to play paintball!

But I’ve been able to create simple, easy-to-follow systems and recipes that have helped me not only enjoy Christmas myself but include my kids and create traditions that hopefully, they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives!

I believe that we can enjoy a magical Christmas season without the madness and the mayhem. 

I believe that we can create traditions and make memories without turning our homes into a Hallmark card!

With The Organised Christmas, I’ll show you how you, a busy mum, can enjoy that charmingly joyous Christmas you’ve so far only seen in the movies

Unlike other Christmas ‘planning’ programs, in The Organised Christmas I’ve included both intention and spontaneity because let’s be honest… life as a mum means always being prepared for the unexpected – sick kids, out-of-town guests, a neighbour who needs help and so on.



Picture your kids huddled up close together at the table, decorating the Gingerbread House, while Michael Bublé plays in the background.

  • heart

    You pull out a batch of fresh Chocolate Chip cookies and nibble on one while you write out some cards and include cheery family photos from the Christmas shoot this year.

  • heart

    The lights of the beautifully decorated Christmas Tree twinkle in the backdrop and when the kids are done with the Gingerbread House, all of you snuggle together on the couch to watch your favourite Christmas movie!

  • heart

    You’ve already planned out the outfit for the office Christmas party on the weekend, and you’ve made your gift lists and have been able to stay within your budget, easily. Something that’s never happened before!

  • heartYou realise it’s not even December yet and you love how ready you are for Christmas!
  • heartYour home looks inviting and welcoming without feeling staged and stuffy.
  • heartThe kids love that you’re happy and even, humming along instead of yelling at them to clean up their rooms or comb their hair.

Gift this amazingness to your family and you this Christmas when you choose an organised christmas over the chaotic, migraine-causing, mayhem that used to be.


  • checkThe Organised Christmas eCourse
  • checkChristmas Planner + 2019 Calendar Pages


With The Organised Christmas by your side, you can be sure that not only will you create a delightfully happy Christmas time for you and your family, you’ll have a lot of fun doing so and wouldn’t even notice how things just magically get done! 

Questions Asked Before Gifting Themselves The Organised Christmas

Will this work for me if I have a full-time job + managing the home?

Yes, it will! I know how busy our lives are and that is why I’ve broken up all the tasks into bite-sized pieces. So, for instance, if on Day #6, you start your Christmas Gift list, you don’t have to finish it on that day. In fact, you’ll have time on Day #9 to complete the list and then on Day #10 create your Gift Wrapping Shopping list so you have all the paper, tags and tinsel you need handy when you sit down to wrap the gifts.
Every activity is designed to be mum-friendly because hey… that’s who I am! 
Also see Q. #2 for an idea on how much time you’ll need for these every day.

Will I need a ton of time for this?

Not at all!
In fact, you’ll find that the time I’ll ask you for is merely for the planning – time to plan gift-wrapping, baking, Christmas dinner menu planning.

After this, it’s TOTALLY up to you how much time you want to spend on these activities.
Do you want to go with all the frills and ribbons when wrapping the presents or would you rather wrap them quickly and simply?

The idea is that you have your plan in place so you know when to do what and aren’t stressed about juggling too many baubles balls at one time!

Put simply, the time you need for organising your Christmas is totally up to you! You decide how you want your Christmas to be based on the time you have available and simply, plan it! Feels like such a relief, doesn’t it?!

Why is this priced so low? Is this a light version? 

I know how stressed many can get at Christmas time, and I also know how expensive Christmas can be for many of us, and that is why I created The Organised Christmas so everyone can enjoy a calm and happy Christmas without burning yet another big hole in the skeletal, skinny budget!

How much money will I need to spend on doing the different activities?

You’ll be surprised to find how budget-friendly Christmas can be! Besides the shopping for gifts and cards, all the other ideas I’ve included whether for traditions or activities are found in my Christmas Planner (which is why it’s a great idea to purchase the premium package) or are ridiculously low-cost.

What if I want a refund?

I’ve poured in hours of caffeine-fueled effort and pulled back the curtains to share all my tips and strategies with you to create this eCourse. Due to the nature of this product and instant access to printables, purchases are not refundable. It is possible to create an Organised Christmas, but you need to commit to make this happen. Your results are 100% up to you.

What if I already have the 2019 Christmas Planner?

If you have already purchased the 2018 Christmas Planner, please send an email to [email protected] with a planner you would like at the same value of $14.95. We will then add it to your account page for you to download.

Please note: This offer only applies to the 2019 Christmas Planner, not planners from previous years.

Copyright 2019, The Organised Housewife

* source: myVMC, Australia, ** {source: Relationships, Australia}

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