Weekend Catch Up #1

Weekend Catch up

From the recent survey that so many of you kindly filled out (thank you), I learnt that quite of  few members of the community do not follow The Organised Housewife on Facebook and Instagram.  I share old posts on facebook and share a more personal side of me via photos on Instagram.  Because you are missing out on this I thought I would create a weekend catch up post each week so you can keep up to date.

I don’t want to be too repetitive and share the daily tasks and quotes as these are published in the daily newsletter and I share a monthly wrap of both these on the blog.

From Instagram

these typo cushions match perfectly with this crochet blanket my Nanna made, I’m slowly brightening up the house.

IMG_2863 2

{TIP} bagging up some linens to donate. great idea to write on the bag the size of the set, so then it’s easy to distinguish

IMG_2865 2

 have to thank the beautiful Helen from Clutter Rescue for the introduction to Peter Walsh! Love this photo of us!

IMG_2867 2

{HELP} this week we have been reducing the dairy in my husbands diet, wondering if he is intolerant. now my daughter has come home from school with a sore tummy, she’s been complaining for some time I’m wondering if she may be gluten intolerant. if you have a food intolerance where did you start?

IMG_2881 2

I’m not sure I thanked Sheridan for my robe, so lush! thank you!!

IMG_2893 3

there is something about these little birds at my brother in laws that make me smile, very cute arrangement.

IMG_2893 2

spending the evening with Jamie, then Bill and Eric while folding the washing

IMG_2900 2

ooh I’m loving the one and only veg/fruit from my Vegie patch… cherry tomatoes, saves us buying them each week now!! I have some zucchini, strawberries, capsicum and rhubarb growing.

IMG_2903 2

{INSTANT DOWNLOAD} help the kids to stop biting their nails, this worked for my daughter!! available in my shop, 4 variations for boys and girls. 

{The Organised Housewife} I've stopped biting my nails - boy - green

Tonight on quirky cooking Facebook I asked what everybody’s first quirky recipe was they cooked, I spied the coconut caramel custard amongst the list so I had to make a batch while I was washing the dishes, so so yummy!! #thermomix

{The Organised Housewife} Coconut Caramel Custard

Offspring felt too much like a series finale.  Really hope it comes back. But would love to see Lawrence in a spinoff show of his own, he can’t leave our screens just yet.

IMG_2317 3


I regrammed Boiled Eggs and Soldiers pic of our raw chocolate coffee bites that she made took to her book club


From Facebook

Homemade Chocolate Dessert

{The Organised Housewife} Homemade Chocolate Dessert

School Bag Nook

How to pack a Healthy Lunchbox


What have you been up to this week?

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