Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket


Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket

Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket


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Keep your kitchen benches dry and your sink tidy and organised, with this functional Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket that can be adjusted to fit almost any sized sink!

Easy to hold handles help the basket to sit securely above your kitchen sink, providing a practical basket for washing fruit and veggies with the water directed straight down the drain.




Rinse your fruit and veggies easily and with minimal mess, with this convenient Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket.

Sitting securely above your kitchen sink, this basket allows fresh produce to be rinsed with the water running directly down the drain (and without your veggies left sitting in the water at the bottom of the sink). This helps kitchen benches stay dry and clutter free!

Handles on each side can be slid apart to extend the basket to fit across your sink, with finger grooves allow for easy holding.

This Kitchen Sink Drainer Basket is the perfect companion to any organised kitchen. It is light weight and easy to store away under the kitchen sink when not in use. It also comes in four colours, so you’ll be sure to find one that perfectly matches your existing kitchen decor and colour scheme.


Dimensions: 38cm x 18.5cm x 8cm
Expandable Length: 48cm
Colours: pink, mint, blue and stone

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