Use these routine charts to help take the stress and chaos out of those busy times of the day. Use the morning routine chart to help the kids get ready for school in the mornings, without you having to repeat yourself continually each day. The afternoon and evening charts remind them to do their homework, put away school bags and help with duties around the home.

Organising children can be likened to running a zoo. You spend your mornings yelling, repeating orders, yelling some more, getting yelled at yourself and hoping to the heavens that everybody has shoes on. The afternoons and nights are not any better (does anybody else’s children almost die of thirst just before bed?). But I’ve found the trick to organising these animals every day is with my Routine Charts. Children are creatures of habit and if you are consistent enough they will eventually organise themselves. Not only do these routine charts save both your time and your sanity but they also teach your children skills that will make them responsible and accountable young adults.

Whether you need a routine chart for the Morning, Afternoon or Evening my routine charts are available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Try using these charts alongside a reward system to really help motivate your kids to take on their responsibilities.


Create a routine using charts to help remind the kids of what tasks are required. eg. brush teeth before getting dressed so toothpaste doesn’t spill on their uniform. AVAILABLE HERE. 

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