by Kat

Hi! I’m Katrina, the face behind The Organised Housewife. I’ve been sharing my tips and tricks to keeping an organised household on my blog since 2010. My journey began 15 years ago after I was blessed with my beautiful twins (a boy and a girl, and later my third a girl). As incredible as becoming a Mother was I quickly found myself in a place of complete overwhelm and defeat. My house was getting the better of me. My clean washing was taking over my lounge room, the dishes just never seemed to disappear and the rest of the house resembled a bombsite.

I’d lost control.

But it was during this time of desperation that I decided to take that control back. I created and trialled routines, rosters and charts until I was left with a system that was flawless. I came up with life hacks that saved not only my time but also my sanity.  I got my life back. I had control again! And I realised that I could in fact, do it all.

I had to share my tactics with other Mothers! I knew we were all in the same position, drowning in those horrible feelings of overwhelm and failure. Along with my blog I decided to share the charts, posters and rosters that I have trialled and tested in my own home! As Mum’s we are the human diaries for our entire family, so finding room in our brain to remember tasks like cleaning the fan is almost impossible.

So I’ve done all of the hard work for you!

In my shop you’ll find a range of charts, rosters and posters that will take the thinking out of keeping your life organised. By using these products to create new routines you’ll be amazed at not only the improvement in yourself but also the rest of your family. Watch as your children mature before your eyes as they take on their new responsibilities!

Most of the products are downloadable, which means you can purchase them now and use them in five minutes! (I told you I’m efficient).

It’s time to stop beating yourself up for not being able to do it all. Because I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can! Don’t listen to what anybody else says. Don’t compare yourself to anyone! Instead, take charge. Discover your own power as you take back the reigns and implement a few simple routines that will change your life!

My top 5 favourite printables that have helped me keep my sanity over the years are: