A Housewife’s Guide to: Good TV Shows

Prior to starting my blog my ‘me time’ was scrapbooking, lately I haven’t had much time to dabble amongst my crafts, instead after the kids go to bed I’ve been relaxing on the couch watching some good TV.  I like to hire a series on DVD or record a few weeks worth and watch a few episodes at once, I find I get caught up and gives me a good reason to tune out to everything happening around me and have some quality me time.  I put a shoutout on facebook a few weeks ago asking readers what their favourite shows are.  So combining my favourite shows and those of readers I have put together ‘A Housewife’s Guide to Good TV’!

My Favourites


Greys Anatomy


Private Practice

True Blood

Vampire Diaries


Big Bang Theory

Sons of Anarchy

Once upon a time

Desperate Housewives

Gilmore Girls

Gossip Girl

Game of Thrones

Popular Reader Favourites

Modern Family

Criminal Minds


Pretty Little Liars

The Mentalist




Breaking Bad

New Girl

Downton Abbey

Hart of Dixie

The Almighty Johnsons


Brothers and Sisters

Sex & the City


 What are your favourite TV Shows?

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