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by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

Activewear for everyday use, even if you’re not working out? Who would have thought! Activewear for everyday use has become popular so a good pair of tights is important!

I personally love a good pair of tights with a nice oversized top. For me, being comfortable throughout the day is important – and so is a comfy pair of tights! I know many ladies that have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of activewear tights for years. Does the perfect pair exist? YES! Active Truth tights are some of the best fitting tights I have ever owned and the ones I’m wearing in the photo. I’ve owned a couple of activewear tights from Active Truth for many years and have to say the quality of them a few years later is still just as perfect as the day I purchased them. Although, I have to admit, I probably do housework in them more so than working out.

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Active Truth sent all our female team members a pair of tights, crops and t-shirts to see how they fit on all the body shapes and sizes for each of us to review.  

I know first-hand Active Truth don’t compromise on quality and source only the best fabrics. My team saw this in our tights, crop tops and t-shirts they were sent. Whether you are a lifelong exerciser, getting into fitness for the first time or wearing activewear as you move through your busy day, Active Truth reflects the highest quality, integrity, and wearability with considered designs and a relatable brand story that resonates with women far and wide with a sizes ranging from 6 – 26. Active Truth have free express shipping and returns. Always. They want to make sure that their customers get the right fit. Tights should never be a barrier to participating in movement. 

Much like my team, Active Truth are building a community of positive, kind, and strong women with shared values who believe in building each other up and cheering each other on. They listen to and learn from their community to continually innovate and improve. Active Truth show all of their sizes in their marketing and they have a photoshop free policy – none of their models/customers are photoshopped in their marketing! How great is that!

I personally love the story behind Active Truth. Born from a serendipitous friendship, new mums Nadia and Stevie quickly saw the need for an inclusive, performance-driven activewear brand when their search for well-fitting quality tights, catering to their changing bodies post childbirth, was both uninspiring and unsuccessful. They were tired of buying activewear online and receiving products that looked beautiful on models but didn’t perform in real-life on bodies without model proportions, and they shared their frustrations with friends. It was quickly apparent that they weren’t the only ones experiencing this disappointment, and that finding quality tights was especially difficult for women who wore larger sizes and pregnant women. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind, a customer-centric approach underpins the entire brand ethos. Starting with 100 pairs of tights, the brand resonated with women and grew swiftly.

Here’s what each of our team members had to say about their Active Truth outfits…

Active Truth


Style: Smart Pocket 3/4 Length Tights in Black and Boyfriend T-shirt in Papaya

Size: Extra Large in both tights and t-shirt

Height: 149cm

I love these tights! I have a big belly and I found them easy to get on, so secure and supportive with no muffin top.  The tights are comfortable, yet keep me in place but aren't too restrictive and I feel very comfortable, especially sitting in them all day which is great for when I'm in the office. I love to wear them while doing the housework, I feel like I blitz through the housework faster when I have activewear on! I like having the pocket in the side of the tights so that my phone is never too far away from me - there is always a chance my kids are calling or I'm wanting to film something for our social media (you know me, I film when I clean and organise everything). My personal preference is 3/4 length even during summer. I also have a pair of Active Truth bike shorts which I wear around the house on extremely hot days. 

Active Truth


Style: Training Pocket Full Length in Zebra and Ultimate Crop in Black

Size: Large in the tights and XL in the crop top

Height: 169cm

I really liked the tights and the material design, even though it is not usually my style. I felt comfortable in both the tights and the crop top while I was exercising. When first putting the tights on and exercising they didn't roll down which is a first for me with tights. I have a very rolly polly tummy! I would definitely recommend them however would suggest being extra careful with sizing when ordering, although love the free returns which make it easier to exchange. 

Active Truth


Style: Essential 3/4 Length in Black and Ultimate Crop Top in Black 

Size: Small for both tights and crop top

Height: 160cm

I train a few times a week and love that I found a pair of activewear tights which make me feel supported. The tights were a great fit, I loved the high tummy waist band which sucked everything in and made me feel secure. I love this length as well. The crop top was super comfortable and supportive and fit me perfectly. I can go from my daily activities to my workout class in my Active Truth activewear - I love it! 

Active Truth
Active Truth


Style: Training Pocket 7/8 in Star and Pocket T-shirt in Charcoal (this colour no longer available)

Size: Medium in tights and Small in t-shirt

Height: 176cm

I loved the tights! I practice yoga throughout the week and the tights felt supportive during every class. They are great for running too. They have a nice stretchy feel and are good quality material, the pattern I had was subtle but beautiful. Another thing I really liked was, they are quite warm so they will be perfect in winter! The t-shirt is very comfortable, the material feels very light and I could style it up by tying it into a knot. 

Active Truth


Style: Smart Pocket Full Length in Black and Oversized T-shirt in Gun Metal Grey (this colour no longer available)

Size: Extra Large in both the tights and crop top 

Height: 180cm

I love the way my tights fit! I often bought long length tights in the past which ended up being 7/8 but the Active Truth tights cropped perfectly on my long legs and were a great supportive high waist and they didn't roll down! The top is loose and such a nice colour, and the fabric is so soft and comfortable. These tights are honestly the best I've had in a few years, I will be trying more styles in the future. 


Style: Petite Smart Pocket Full Length in Black and Oversized T-shirt in Sunset Blue

Size: Medium in both tights and t-shirt

Height: 161cm

I loved my outfit! I am petite and found the medium tights in the full length fit me perfectly and bonus the smart pocket is so good to carry my phone and debit card! I do wear my tights to the gym but I'm finding that I'm wearing them more as casual daywear because they are so comfortable and they don't cut into my stomach area. The t-shirt is one of the most comfortable t-shirts I have ever worn! Thank you Active Truth!

Active Truth


Style: Essential full length tights in Black and Sports Crop Top in Zebra

Size: Medium in the tights and Large in the crop top

Height: 158 cm

It is so hard to find a good, solid pair of activewear tights! This was my first time trying Active Truth activewear. I am a petite height however with my curves I felt petite was too tight and opted for the regular sizing in the tights. The quality fabric is tight and firm and the tights felt like compression tights. I loved the subtle zebra print. The crop felt secure around my chest area and looked great too!

Active Truth


Style: Training Pocket 7/8 in the Zebra and Pocket T-shirt in Purple Burnout

Size: Small in both tights and crop top

Height: 165cm

I have worn this outfit every other day! I love it so much! I am a beach nippers coach and all the ladies at my club wanted to know where I got my tights from! The tights are SO comfortable and I am one of those people who basically live in activewear so style and comfort is a must. The tights feel so secure and being upwards of 40 with a few kids I want that! The t-shirt gorgeous and looks good on me too! I'll be coming back for more!

Active Truth


Style: Smart Pocket Full Length in Black and Oversized T-shirt in White (this colour no longer available)

Size: Medium in both tights and crop top

Height: 178cm

I am love with both my top and bottom! I am in the taller height range and I have found it challenging to find a pair of tights which fit, trying on my first pair of Active Truth tights was daunting because I am long in the legs and torso - well, these tights were the BEST fit I could ask for! No rolling or creeping down, they were supportive and felt like comfortable compression tights which is a feeling I love after having three kids. The crop was perfect fitting for not only training but everyday wear. I couldn't be happier and I feel good knowing I have found a brand which fits my shape! 

Active Truth

My beautiful team had the best time with this shoot, lots of laughs were had all while feeling comfortable in their skin, celebrating diversity and inclusivity! Active Truth believes that an active lifestyle looks different for every woman. Active Truth the name, speaks with refreshing honesty and an informed voice of reason in an industry that underserves the majority of women and preys on their insecurities.

Active Truth believe women deserve better from the activewear market. Wearing great activewear shouldn’t be a privilege only for women of a certain size, shape, stage of life or ability level. Some of us have had babies, some of us haven’t, some of us are taller and some of us are petite. Just look at Sarah and I! For too long the majority of women have been excluded from the conversations around health and fitness.

Active Truth

Active Truth have a maternity range with products for pregnancy and postnatal. I wish Active Truth was around when I had my babies – especially my twins! 

With summer just around the corner, are you looking for the perfect swimwear? Look no further, Active Truth do a beautiful swimwear range too! 


Use code TOHxAT20 at the checkout for a 20% discount off full priced stock.

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