Thermomix Pink Lemonade


  • 100g raw sugar
  • 180g frozen raspberries
  • 6 icecubes
  • 1 lemon, clean skin and remove ends, chopped into quarters
  • 1 lemon, skin removed, chopped into quarters
  • 500g water
  • 1.25L soda water


  1. Place sugar in Thermomix grind speed 9 / 20 seconds, scrape sides of bowl
  2. Add raspberries and ice grind speed 9 / 20 seconds, scrape sides of bowl
  3. Add lemons and water, turbo / pulse 4 times
  4. Unlock lid and push the straining basket into the juice. Using two hands to keep the basket in place pour the juice into a jug.
  5. Pour half the soda water into the thermomix bowl, swirl around to pick up some of the lemon and raspberry flavour then again with straining basket in place pour as much as you can into the jug. Discard lemon mix from Thermomix bowl.
  6. Add remaining soda water to jug, mix well to combine