The best summer smoothie recipes

Smoothies make fantastic breakfasts, after school treats and meals on the go. These are some of the best summer smoothie recipes.

Smoothies are so ideal for quick breakfasts as you know you’re getting plenty of nutrition, they can be drunk on the go when you’re busy and they taste amazing! 

I also love smoothies for kids after school or an afternoon cool down on a hot summer’s day. Here are some of the best summer smoothie recipes!

avocado and berry power smoothie

Avocados give any smoothie a richer, creamier taste and add so much nutrition. This avocado and berry power smoothie is ideal for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

coffee lover’s smoothie

Combine your favourite brewed coffee with the deliciousness of a cold smoothie for the perfect summer morning breakfast with the coffee lover’s smoothie.

kiwi and coconut quinoa smoothie

Kiwis add such a fresh, zingy taste to a smoothie. I love the combination of flavours in this kiwi and coconut quinoa smoothie.

berry, yoghurt and mint smoothie

Mint is another refreshing ingredient that makes this berry, yoghurt and mint smoothie an absolute taste delight.

mandarin breakfast smoothie

It’s not often you see mandarin as a smoothie ingredient but this mandarin breakfast smoothie is actually so delicious!

strawberry peach smoothie

It’s the perfect time of year for peaches so why not whizz some up with strawberries for a nutritious treat? This strawberry peach smoothie is a kid favourite too.

raspberry yoghurt smoothie

A delicious fruity smoothie great for when you’re rushing out the door in the morning. Raspberry yoghurt smoothie is a quick and easy breakfast.

green detox smoothie

Overindulged recently? Try this green detox smoothie for a boost of vitamins and energy.


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