Is there anything that says Christmas like a trifle? This delicious Summer Berry Trifle recipe is a twist on the traditional trifle and makes the perfect Christmas dessert.

Without fail I always have a trifle on our Christmas table in memory to my mum.  Mum used to make it each year for Christmas and it’s my little way to keep her memory alive and with us at Christmas. 

I like my trifle full of berries. However, as they are a little pricey at times, I use a mix of frozen mixed berries and decorate the top of the Christmas trifle with fresh strawberries and blueberries. 

Remember to make the jelly ahead of time, it will need a few hours to set. 

Kat’s tip: For a child-friendly trifle use apple juice. For adults, use sweet sherry. 

My mum used to use sponge cake, but I really like the festive look of the jam rolls in the bowl. I have used my multipurpose cake stand to hold my trifle. You simply turn the stand upside down and use the lid as the bowl… genius!

This Christmas Trife can serve 10. There is enough room in this serving bowl to double the recipe if needed. 

This dessert is so visually appealing!