How to make Strawberry Santas

by Katrina - The Organised Housewife

When asked to bring a plate sometimes just thinking of what to bring can be more complicated than some of these fun ideas below.

Strawberry Santas

I think these are the sweetest little treats and would be the talk of the table!!  They look so effective but are quite easy to put together. Read more on how to make Strawberry Santa Hats here.

Strawberry Santa Hats

Strawberry Santa Hats

To make I sat out cream cheese until it came to room temperature.  While it was sitting, I cleaned and hollowed out the inside of the strawberries using a small knife.  Then sat them on a paper towel to dry.  With an electric mixer I mixed 8 oz cream cheese with 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.  I do not have pastry bags so I added the filling to a zip-lock bag and cut off the corner. View more details thanks to Green Plate Rule.


Santa Hat Brownie Bites

Brownies and Strawberries, a delicious combination. View more details thanks to Handmade in the Heartland.


Super Easy Christmas Biscuits

Thank you to reader Leanne for sharing her very easy Christmas biscuit’s with us!

1. Oreo biscuits, but you can use any round chocolate biscuit
2. Spread melted chocolate over one side
3. Added the jaffas & mint leaves (still available in homebrand)


Banana Santas

For the Santa, cut a large marshmallow in half and place a banana slice between them.  {If you are not going to be eating these right away, dip the banana in lemon or orange juice to avoid browning}.  Top with a strawberry and small marshmallow.  I used a couple of chocolate sprinkles for the eyes and an M&M for the nose.  Skewer on a stick for a fun and healthy fruit pop! View more details thanks to Clean and Scentsible.


Grinch Kabobs

These little skewers are simple to make and a great addition to your appetizers at any Christmas part. Idea found via


Pita Appetizer

Only a few simple ingredients, pita bread, pretzel stick, sour cream, avocado, pasly, pepper and campsicum. Recipe found via Party BluPrints.


Christmas Trees

Made from cucumber, cream cheese, half a cherry tomato and top with watercress – original image credit here.


Reindeer Biscuits

A very quick, easy and I think adorable Christmas Reindeer Biscuit. The kids can make these for end of school year party day! Read more here.


Caprese Appetiser

With the red and green colour scheme, these delicious morsels would be for Christmas, they are so tasty not to mention über simple! Idea found via The Jolly Beetroot.


Christmas Trees

This is so clever – Oreos or Aussie arnotts chocolate cream biscuits + melted chocolate + strawberries.  I presumed they dolloped melted white chocolate on biscuit, then dyed remaining white choc green and dipped the strawberries. Original image credit unknown.

christmas trees

Christmas Tree Brownies

1. Bake 1 brownie slab, when I make these I’ll use my Zucchini Brownie recipe.
2. Cut into triangles as indicated below
3. Decorate, use candy cane as trunk

View more details at One Little Project.


Do you have a super simple Christmas appetiser?

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